Life in Japan


It’s me again! But this time I have nothing interesting or funny to say. Except that if you check my facebook status you will see that this internet access is costing me 390¥ an hour (about $3.75). That’s because the only place here that has internet access also has a manga/magazine library that you can read while using the computers. And most of those things, are filled with boobies. Or at least their covers are, I’m scared to open them. Plus sketchy buisnessman are always here looking at naughty pictures. However, grandmas also come in to use the computers, so it’s not like it’s only for porn. Anyways.

I’m living in koganei-shi. Which is a commuter town about an hour from the outside of tokyo and probably like 2 hours to tokyo station. Because everyone only lives here there really isn’t that many exciting things to do, except there are a bunch of parks, and even like 2 mountains you can climb within walking distance of my house. It’s cool and I have been taking advantage of the parks and going jogging frequently. I also am probably walking an average of about 3-5 miles everyday. CRAZY! I’ve been so bored that I’ve started a rigourous regiment of working out twice-a-day, like push-ups and crunches etc. I’ve definitely lost a few pounds already, but before leaving for japan I went on a pre-japan binge. So I think I have equalized it right now. Plus the portions here are small so my stomach has shrunk. I do not think I could finish a typical american meal without feeling a little sick afterwards. It’s kindof stupid though, because in america I remember frequently eating until my stomach hurts. It seems so unneccessary now. Regardless, japan has a way of making you feel like a fatty.

My host family is like the freakin best thing ever! They are very nice and try their best to make me feel at home. It’s weird though because everything is so passive aggressive here. For instance, earlier today, I was sitting on my bed and my host mom came in and said, there are sheets in the closet. To which I replied, okay. Then she repeated it, this time pointing to the closet. I was like, okay cool. Then she went and got sheets and handed them to me. And I realized she wanted me to change my sheets and clean my room. I did so, and then she came in and was like ooh it’s so pretty you have done a great job! Stuff like that happens all the time.

 jya mata

P.s.- For nerds (i.e. Joel) only. I can’t see the pictures either, on my account (i tried to post some) or katies. And I’m using internet explorer because that’s pretty much all they have on the computers I’ve been using. I dunno if this helps you at all.


well hello there everyone.
i’m in le digital class, so i have computer access. which means distraction. so, as one could imagine, i am OFF TASK. that’s right.
in the spirit of being in digi ill, i shall post what i did for class this week. the title is “lucky underwear”.
so…i was trying to avoid telling MORE PEOPLE about this, but dudes. i FINISHED MY NYSP APPLICATION. it is soooo turned in. (this is my off campus study DREAM and i want it SO BAD). so everyone pray, or knock on wood, or…whatever moves you. and brings me good luck. i have this weirdo interview thing a week from tuesday in which i have to answer a bunch of kind of personal questions such as: if you have a significant other, how are you planning to deal with the long distance relationship?
so much for personal space, i suppose.
anyway. last night was a ridiculous finish-all-my-portfolio-stuff fest. so i will leave you with the following. (this was miss emma’s xmas present, and tom garrett requested some editing to make it a portfolio piece).
i present to you, the interneters:
the tragic hipster (and her rose colored glasses)
omfg so many pictures roflmao
i love the internet.

I Have Seen It. I Have Seen the End of the World.

It began so simply, really.  As all things must.

It began with the touch of a finger, a “poke” if you will.

This small act, this simple prick of a finger, lead to another and another.

A chain reaction began.  A battle, no a war had been brewed from the tea leaves of strife.  This would not end well.  Soon, this poke “war” had escalated.  No longer was it only poking, a written threat: “Tim Hau, I swear to god, if you poke me one more time, I can’t be responsible for what happens”.  As life goes, it was too late.  I had ordered for another poking moments before, and as you all know, once a poke is ordered, there’s no reclaiming it.

The returning volley came quickly, and hit its mark with terrible accuracy.  I’d been poked.  I looked down as I saw the a red spot in my shoulder beging to swell.  I knew it was over.

As I write this, dying, I curse those who have wronged me.  That man, is JOEL GILLMAN.  And the place in which the end of this world is that accursed place.  That hell hole from which none can escape.  I lie here, dying by the hands of FACEBOOK poke.

I…I lived a good life.

OH.  And I’m SO excited for Helsinki/Yeah!.  We’ve got tickets for me and Sammy-bear right?

More fun in Japan

Man, I don’t even know where to start. I don’t have internet access at home, but I finally got a waseda account so I can use the internet at school! Also with this new account I have a new email that I will pretty much exclusively use here. I don’t really want to type it here (spam bots!) but if you want it leave a comment and I will send it to you. Also lindsey, those things you are buying at robot love they have them here too. And they sell them like the hottest of cakes. However more exciting than that is the stationary. Japan has way cool stationary stores and i am totally planning on getting a lot of them and send people letters. In other news they keep warning us from joining any club that offers free food. I guess all of those clubs are ran by cults, including the cults responsible for the attack in the tokyo subway.

My host family is incredibly nice! My mom loves hiking and we are planning on going to climb some mountains around tokyo.

 This post is fizzling out, so I’ll end it with

Love advice from Japan (found in a girls magazine):

Think about your boyfriend on the lavatory, if you still love him, you should get married.

bai bai~



wingy dingy

tiny ghost
well hello, internats. With my newfound knowledge of html and whatnot, I thought I would try my hand at flushing an image to the side, rather than letting flickr (who I am currently having a falling-out with) do it for me. Hopefully it works, and if it doesn’t I’ll just go back into the editor before anyone (hopefully) sees it. This is a wierd page of my old sketchbook I found last night whilst scanning homework at school. I like it, and I haven’t done anything else like it. I think it’s colored pencil, too, which is even wierder. Colored pencils at MCAD are like using an abacus at MIT.

In other parts of life things are constricting and loosening AT THE SAME TIME. I work as an usher/”concessions supervisor” (which is just a super-usher) at the Children’s Theatre here in Minneapolis, which isn’t a big deal BUT the ushers are paid, which is different than a lot of smaller theatres. Recently almost all of the old ushers and CSes who were working when I started last year either quit or got a better job inside, so they’ve been hiring a horde of newbies and Allison and I have been stuck working a BUNCH to pick up the supposed slack. This is not always a bad thing, as now we have new actor friends who usher on the side. However I have been tireder than EVER with school getting more “important” and the internship stuff that Bill spoke with us about. I’ve just got one more week of my hell-schedule, and then it’s 2 shifts a week most of the time. Supposedly we will be making the same amount of money. Supposedly.

There is a LOT of candy in our apartment, considering a week ago there was none. Evan bought some Swedish Fish and my mommy sent me some candy corn and really disgusting tasting vampire teeth gummies. It’s really wierd, I am not really one to buy candy ever, I like it a lot but for some reason I never think to buy it. We just don’t buy desserts in general, partly because we’re trying to save money, but also because I don’t really think it’s so important anymore.

Although it’s not like I didn’t eat two cookies and a good serving of cookie dough at the dooples last night.

The First Cheese

I’ve got this cheese blog/vlog thing going on for a class. I was just going to do a regular text blog, but I’ve never done a video blog before and it seemed kinda fun. So here you are! The first post.

I just want a reply

I am beginning to become very depressed about internships. It seems like everyone I know either has/had one already, or have chosen a place they would really like to intern. I, however, don’t feel like I have a direction. I have something big in mind. I want my illustrations to be in magazines and I want people to see them. I want my parents to feel like they haven’t wasted their money. And it’s not like I’m setting my standards too high. I’ve emailed both publications like The Rake, and smaller companies that are actually seeking interns. I’ve sent emails to four places with no response. Not even a ‘we’re not looking’ or ‘we’ll get back to you’. I’m pretty much just checking my mail 5 times a day for no reason.

I think that I have a good body of work to show and that I do have skill and determination, but lately it feels kind of the opposite. Now I just feel like I want something to fall into my lap. Where did all my determination go? I know I just have to keep applying and sending emails, even to places I’ve already tried to contact. I just want something to happen.

le sigh…

as head of film club, i get to make these:

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they are easy to make (this is my fourth, but i wish i was as enthused to do homework.

i’m gonna yamo burn this place down.

because i am sitting at spyhouse, “doing homework” with ben (who is doing homework period, no quotes) i decided to make myself a list. which of course, is my favorite thing to do. something about the order, and the way sometimes you get to cross things off when you finish them. it kind of makes me hot. am i alone here?
without further ado:
“things that i love that i would rather i didn’t love”
1. the 40 year old virgin. oh em gee. i laugh so hard every time i see it. not like i’ve seen it 5 times or anything. who does that?
2. q-tipping my ears. this is the equivalent of masturbation via ear canal. don’t deny it. you do it too. i pity the recent generation who is advised against entering the ear. f that, man. it’s my sexy body.
3. america’s next top model. try it. you’ll like it, and wish you didn’t. tyra is so into herself, so all about grrrrl power, so sickening. but SO FIERCE.
4. stalking people online through blogs and myspace. even though i don’t have an account. this does not apply to people like emma and joel, whose blogs i read because i love them. i think we all know to which blogs i am referring.
5. checking my email obsessively at work. and then minimizing it when someone comes by to make sure i’m working.
6. peanut butter. the boyfriend is allergic to it, it’s bad for my heart, and it makes me fat. and i haven’t eaten it since the no-cholesterol movement, but even before that, i had to stop buying it because i slathered so much on toast i went through a jar in about a week. gross. but delicious.

let’s just stop there for now. but please, add your own thing that you love that you wish you didn’t. and then, we can all have an antm party where we swab our ears, look at myspace and eat peanut butter out of the jar. while quoting lame frat boy-esque movies.