I am so tired.

Look! I am making professional-looking InDesign layouts for my books class now. You cant really see them, but there are crop marks and registration marks and etc! AAAAH! It will be a book!


P.S. They look way cooler printed out and in person. I can show them to you later, if you live in Minneapolis.

Ben Cooked Dinner

It was a night just like any other; Lindsey was doing homework, Bill and I were doing something fun, and Ben was cooking dinner for us. We were at Tanya’s house and decided to look around, we happened upon a stack of classic 45s (vinyl records, not bullets). After a quick flip through we discovered a treasure three records from the top of the stack. It was simply titled “Funk.” Because of our love of 70s disco we could not resist blasting those “funk-a-licious” tunes. It was funk alright, intergalactic funk.

Ben Cooked Dinner on Vimeo

here comes the jack-pot question in advance

That song just got stuck in my head last night, along with Olivia Newton John’s part in “You’re the One that I Want”. I’m not sure which is wierder, although it’s probably the former because it is nowhere near New Years Eve. I’m sorry, these details are boring and probably only interesting to me. ANYWHO.

As you may have noticed from Alli’s post, in some sort of freak accident I got into Made at MCAD? I put in my pieces about Tokyo, except for the Takashi Murakami one because I realized that I included an image in there that wasn’t Murakami’s. EMBARASSING. So, yeah. I’m still not sure how I feel about this year’s show – having one juror kinda throws me off balance. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy about getting in!!! But still not sure what to think… I wanted everyone to get in, I guess. Everyone except for the people that I don’t like. Is that so wrong?!??! IS IT!??!?!
btw, I am officially in love with the Linden Hills neighborhood. Bill is housesitting in those parts and it is my dream community. Everything is pretty, everything is tasty, it even has its own website. Something is very very right about that. I mean, god, if you need more convincing look at this picture. Cute little kids surrounded by flowers. What else could you ask for. (except I really don’t like little kids).

oh, p.s. my little image is from a rockin’ 1960s cookbook i took out from the library. It may or may not have inspired my last post’s title.

Beady-Eyed Brews Entries

Omgz this is far too much fun. I can’t believe you beer makers want other people to do this for you! We should have these contests more often. Anyways we will scan these images later and send them to Peter. Until then here are pictures of the labels that look kindof crappy:

Entry 1&2: Lizard Lager & Sea Otter Stout
Lizard Lager

Sea Otter Stout

(We already colored in that part that wasn’t colored in the picture. And we’ll clean them up a little bit digitally when we scan them, like remove the lines and stuff. Whoops!)

Again Suggestion/comments are welcome. Do you think the sea otter one is better with or without the tip?

We were wondering why there weren’t any cute beers, but then we realized the kids would wants them. We could always make sodas? I dunno. Also expect Entry #3 later this week, it’s Super Secret! I’ll give you a clue, it is the only marsupial in North America (or maybe there is another one I can’t remember). Regardless it has a Beady Eye Factor to the max!

Concept Sketch for Team Deedee and Patrick

We were bored tonight so we drew a concept sketch for our entry in the Beer Label competition. We know we will face incredible art majors so we had to use something dastardly to level the playing field. A SEA OTTER WEARING A HAT!! Also I should give most of the credit to deedee as she did draw the whole thing, I just helped with the idea and found a picture to base it off of. Behold Sea Otter Stout.

Sea Otter Stout

On the side it will say “Tips! Sea Otter Stout is best enjoyed while lying on your back using your belly as a table.”

We hope to digitize, color, and whatnot later this week or this weekend, when we have more free time and one of us learns how to use photoshop. No Stealing! Critiques/Suggestions would be helpful!

P.S. While we were thinking of ideas we also sketched Manatee Malt Liquor and Lizard Lager. Combined with Sea Otter Stout they all are part of our new Micro Brew Company: Beady-Eyed Brews. I know this was supposed to be just for fun, but I can’t tell you how much I want to make a brewery where every beer is based off a Beady-Eyed Animal. Think About It!


So I’m back from the great white north, once again. And I am tired again. It must be all of this snow. Although apparantly Minneapolis, receiving almost a foot, was “spared” compared to nearby states).

THE BAD NEWS: I havent been making it into any of the competitions I have been entering lately (poo), for instance the Made at MCAD show (which Emma DID get soem illustrations into, good for her!) and the one I was potentially most excited for, the MCP Photocentric Exhibition. And although my work didnt get it, 11 MCAD students and alumni DID!! Extra-lame (Good, but lame that it wasnt me).

THE GOOD NEWS: The spring Merit Scholarship Competitions are coming up soon, which is usually stressful and not really worth doing because all of the really good seniors sweep all of the awards. But it MAY be worth doing it this year. I am a senior now, and have more new work that I am somewhat proud of so far. I am praying that I get some recognition, SERIOUSLY. Also I may be entering a Competition in Paris soon, and anything else I stumble upon.

I wish I had a picture to leave you with… Oh, here is something I am working on for Digital Photo, that I am taking with Ben (thank GOD, or it would be the lame-est most boring class on the face of the universe).


I dont really know what Im doing with it yet, but I think this may be the beginning of a beau-ti-ful final project!

Google Zeitgeist

I am sure you guys (who are way more in on technology happenins) know about google zeitgeist. If you don’t know what it is it tracks and graphs all the queries in google to get a general idea of the feelings of the world (i.e. zeitgeist). Anyways I was looking at the Year-end zeitgeist and I found somethings pretty amusing. Paris Hilton was the most searched news category. The number one searched for ticket was for the Cheetah Girls. Idiocracy was looked up the most for showtimes, even though the studios didn’t even make an ad campaign for it. Number one looked up most word was promiscuous (from the nelly furtado song). And the the most looked up “what is” was Hezbollah, followed by 8 prescription drugs that you can by from the internet. Google says this reflects our desire to study modern medicine, like hydrocodon and vicodin….Right.

We’ll find out about Petbusters! on Thursday. I will post the results on Shambot right away! Keep your fingers crossed

Music to my ears!

If you haven’t been paying attention (and I know I wasn’t) a proverbial TON of music from a great many artistes (yes, I spelled it with a snooty stereotypical faux-french accent. Do something.) has dropped forth like an anvil upon the heads of our beloved Sham-Boot. Now, as I see compact disc cases with wings flying about covorting with black and yellow striped iPods making what can only be considered an ungodly monstrosity, I thought I’d take the time to start reviewing some of the massive releases that I feel (at least in my opinion [as I tend to see it{I’ve formed several hypotheses arround}]) largely went under the radar. (more…)


www.gophergrocery.com – they even deliver in the snow!

seriously. I will go away now.

My thoughts on the day…

Hi Shamby…

You know, today has been a pretty interesting day (considering I have barely been off the couch all but 10 mins total). I have to say though, it has been enlightening. (more…)