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Cue dramatic music

Well, I made a commitment. Hopefully I can stick with this and make something of it.
criminal skateboards

The Top 5 songs that are less than a minute long.

Straight Edge- Minor Threat
Field Day for the Sundays-Wire
What We Do Is Secret- The Germs
Short Songs- The Dead Kennedys
Stab Your Back-The Damned

frat wrap

12:49:39 AM supaninjaanimal: i need to shamby post
12:49:41 AM supaninjaanimal: but i have nothing good
12:49:49 AM artgoeshere: that’s what i’ve been like
12:51:01 AM supaninjaanimal: SIGH
12:51:09 AM supaninjaanimal: post this conversation right here
12:51:18 AM artgoeshere: haha, i’m sure everyone would love that


Im leaving on a jet plane…

I am on my way home (from home -pdx- to home -msp) folks!
I sit on the airport floor sending, basking in the glory of free wi-fi in an airport, what an awesome concept. I am only *slightly* sick, and am not looking forward to a flight when suffering from a sinus infection, but I will survive with sufficient drugging. I will be happy to no longer be ill. My ribs are hurting from coughing so damn much.

Friends. Summer will be awesome. The fun shall continue. We will have a great time.

**I apologize for the confusion (joel) I am home in Minneapolis.

the only living girl in new york

Well. Here it is, Wednesday. And I leave New York City on Saturday, to return to my beloved city of Portland. But New York, you were seriously better than I ever could have imagined.
Here is a list of things that make me teary-eyed when I think about leaving:
-the subway. Oh, it may be disturbingly filthy, and it may have caused me to have multiple dreams about rats and various other rodents, but you just can’t beat it.
-my apartment. The little hobbitt hole of goodness, site of many cozy evenings spent by my lonesome drawing, reading, or watching Law and Order. Hopefully, it is the smallest space I will ever live in. But I will miss it, and I will also miss living by myself (although I can’t think of better roomies, Emma and Alli!).
-Harper’s. Naturally. Besides the obvious satisfaction I still get from seeing my name on the masthead, I loved my art directors, the other interns (in all their weird, smart ass glory) and all the editors (most of whom still know me as just “the art intern”).
-The pizza. Don’t even try to compete with it. It’s the best.
-The bagels. Seriously, I will never be able to eat bagels anywhere else. Here, they are fluffy chewy little pillows of carb-filled goodness. Especially when paired with my coffee/hot chocolate combo mixed from the gas-station machine thing at the cheap bagel place on Montague Street.
-All the little munchkins I babysat for. Yes, I bitched about them endlessly, and I am glad to have my days as a nanny-whore behind me. But they’re so little and cute! And they like me!
-Gallery openings. Always free wine. Sometimes good art.
-And lastly, the people. Specifically, the ones that I like and hang out with. Special shoutout to Intern Suzannah, that froyo loving, horse riding, Coney Island going, ANTM watching bundle of cynical love that I will miss like crazy.
Well. I still got stuff to do and places to be before I head out. Two quick things:
1. Went to see the Daily Show with Jon Stewart with Intern Suzannah last Thursday. It was totally sweet, and he is really, really short.
2. Went to the movies Monday night, and behold: ran into Kim (yes, little cutie lesbian Kim) from ANTM! She had sort of an odd mullet-esque haircut, but was just as hot and sassy in person.

I Know Who I Want To Take Me Home

Closing Time from jGillman on Vimeo!

Earnest vs. Genius and other language anomalies/random late night thoughts…

In the few times I have encountered and pondered the word in my lifetime, ‘earnest’ has earned a much clearer, more elaborate definition. (as with most all words I know, whether associated with a connotation, etc.) (more…)

quick post

We’re finally back from the traveling (Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa), and it was a great deal of fun. I really enjoy being in Iowa, everyone there is so friendly. I had a very short dream on the drive back to Minneapolis, this was all I remember.
Hands in the Grass

Why does the state hate me?

So I got some bad news in the mail the other day from the Iowa Department of Transportamatation.  Apparently they are going to suspend my drivers license for ninety days begining on June 21.  This is because they have deemed me a “habitual violator.”

Apparently if you are cited for three moving violations in a one year period, you are a “habitual violator.”

Those of you who know what I do for money may find this sad or amusing or both.

I know I do.

In order to get my license back in September, I will have to prove “financial responsibility.”  Which basically is nifty wording for SR-22 insurance.  Now in all honesty, SR-22 actually isn’t all that much more expensive than what I’m paying now, since I’m a male under the age of 25, driving a two door coup.  However, I also have to pay a $200 reinstatement fee for my license.

My response: fuck this state and its drivers license, I don’t really NEED it…

BUT, now I have to get a different job (something I needed to do anyway).

Eventually, I’ll just move to a different state to get a drivers license if i need it that badly.