Goddamn right, it’s better than yours.
I could fix it, but than I’d have to charge.

D V D Z!

The fact that we could do this, is upsetting, truly. But still, it’s pretty. And now it’s better. Updates coming on the NEW AND IMPROVED SHELF. That’s right, I have a bigger one now. MADNESS!

The sign above says “NO NERDS” which is funny, considering.

I’ve missed you!

Hi Shambles!
I’ve missed you! I have much reading to do, and luckily, time to do it. I will sit on my parents’ couch, watching their movies and eating their food (until I can’t eat on Wednesday). In the mean time, I will read shambot, and post photos of all of my cutiee ani-mal-pies. What an exciting life!

To prove my commitment, I leave you this:


(PS – these, are NOT my cats)

Bad news, Shambies…

I have bronchitis. It sucks. I cough a lot.

Bronchitis has affected my life in many profound ways. For one, my mother will no longer allow me to leave the house, because… well, I’m actually not sure why. Secondly, I now have to use an inhaler (temporarily), which, when combined with the rest of my lifestyle, makes my nerdiness complete and unquestionable. I am now the kid who wheezes in gym class, takes a drag on his inhaler, and then fakes an injury so that he can sit against the wall and read theĀ  latest issue of Popular Science.

So, yeah, bronchitis is a drag, but fear not, dearest Shambies, I will soon recover and rejoin you in your fun. Until then, keep your chins up and your eyes on victory!

POS (personal outer space) EDIT

Thanks for all the comments and discussion! It was the best online critique I’ve ever participated in. Evan took what I had and made many amazing improvements. Then I made a few tiny changes, and here we are! Any feedback or comments? I think we have a winner here. Now for the unveiling:
The design!
Ugh, I didn’t realize the acronym until Ben mentioned it. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I hope no one goes around calling it the POS show, I would seriously feel awful. At least our postcards won’t be POS.

I’m not sure what to go with here. If anyone has any input, please feel free. I’m thinking the last one is the best, but if anyone feels there is a better way to approach the design, let me know. We can go in a totally different direction.

Option 1Option 2Option 3
The third one sections off areas and makes different spaces. So maybe that’s the best one?

PS- I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with Shambot right now, but I know for sure Joel is on the case!

movies and more

A lot less people have seen this than I thought, but here’s the film I worked on for the 48 hour film challenge! I put it up on Vimeo, along with other gems such as the entire WALDO series, and some of my school stuff. So, the challenge part of the 48 hour film challenge, is that we were given 1) a genre, 2) a character, 3) a prop, and 4) a line of dialogue. We got 1) horror, 2) Jill Meyers: veterenarian, 3) a portable music player, and 4) “they will get them if we let them”. All groups got the same character, prop, and line of dialogue, but the genre was different for each. We had some real trouble coming up with the concept for it, and didn’t even start shooting until 24 hours into the challenge. My role was basically just the editor, but I guess I helped a little in other aspects of the film.

Self Help from bthompson and Vimeo.

btw, it’s really effing quiet, so turn up your sound.

In other news, Bill and I are coming down to IOWA!! We’ll be there from monday to friday, and we’ll be ready to hang out and do cool things. But only the COOLEST of things will suffice. We’re picky that way.

In other, other news, my car stereo died. Sorry Steven, it’s the one you gave me. I guess it was pretty old, anyway. It slowly died, first it stopped lighting up part of the time, then it stopped lighting up all the time, then it just plain stopped working. The new stereo I’m getting will have an iPod hookup, which is actually pretty cheap nowadays, so I can power my iPod and listen to music through the same cord. BONUS!

bat for lashes – whats a girl to do

i want to make illustrations that look like this music video.


Looks like Guy and Barry’s next production has already been taken.


absolutely fucking amazing

Not only are they on Vimeo (which everyone on Shambot should join), but they give impromptu performances. Just make sure to keep watching it gets good. Check out their music video on their account as well (helsinkids).

Take Away Show #58 – Architecture in Helsinki – Like it or not from Chryde and Vimeo.

Danae by Sarah Crowe

Danae by Sarah Crowe
as she hates the internet, I’m posting her SES final online for her.

that crazy ass girl from austin rocks the hell out of comics.