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that’s me, for the same webcomics class ben’s in. i wuv my floggy.

What I did today (yesterday)

What I did today!

The big two

I’d been putting off doing these two new super-chicks, but I’ve had a few minutes here and there to not really do anything important. Frenchy ran into me the other day and told me how much she loved them, which was flattering. So! a brand-new, hipstery Batman-girl:

and, who i thought was probably the hardest yet, Supergal. I’m still not happy with the color, but I had a lot of fashion help from katie, which was nice.

self portrait?

So, one of my classes is an online Web Comics workshop, and one of our first assignments was to do a little self portrait with distinguishing characteristics about yourself. I drew this while in another class called Text and Image, in which as far as I can determine, we will discuss the relationship between text and image. I’m sure we’ll get all philosophical and junk, we already kind of did. Also, the teacher really likes to have discussions like that; I’ve taken a class from her before.

it's me

So, in advanced film this semester, we’re not allowed to edit our own films. I understand WHY it is, we need to learn how to work closely and creatively with another person. This kind of sucks for me, though, because I want to be an EDITOR. Hopefully, though, I’ll get to edit a couple other students’ films and it’ll give me some stuff that isn’t mine to put on my demo reel. Also, I can always make my own cut later. Speaking of my movie for this semester, I have no idea what it’s going to be, so if anyone has some really gooood ideas for an awesome film, please let me know!

(almost) a story for the grandchildren

So, I have a conclusion to the UPS guy situation. I thought I would share it with you all for posterity.

For those who haven’t heard the whole story, it goes as such:
The UPS guy who usually delivers to my apartment is very cute, and we have chatted a couple of times. I just happened to mention that to my friend in Oregon. So, unknown to me, this friend decides to put a little note on the outside of the latest package that she was sending me. This is what it was:


So, my friend calls me on Friday to let me know that my package should be delivered that day, but I was running around for freshman move-in day, and missed him. This is the note that he left:

Um, FUNNY! You have to understand, as much as I am reasonably embarrassed about this situation, I am 5 times more amused. So, come Monday, I am eagerly anticipating my afternoon (my guy always delivers in the afternoon) package delivery. BUT, bright and early, my buzzer rings, and AWKWARDLY, some OTHER UPS guy delivers my box. And looks at me very strange. And walks away.

So, my potential date with a real live hu-man has been reduced to a box of chocolate and books. Really good chocolate and books. Disappointed? Yes. Anticipating the next delivery to my apartment? YES!

Best Geek Show Forever

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Tim and myself are primed to start production on a new monthly video project. It will take the form of a panel discussion show, however, our show is going to be dedicated to topics that fall into the category of “nerdliness.” I.E. Comic books, Video Games, and Cult films. Basically stuff that is nerdy, but not too nerdy, I.E. Dagorhir, D&D, LARPing, WOW. Y’know, stuff that only losers do. ;) Anyway, it’s gonna be about fifteen minutes of six panelists discussing various current event(s) in nerdom, and what we think of them. Our first show is going to be done in october, and fittingly we will be discussing Rob Zombie’s upcoming Halloween remake, and the ways in which horror films have changed and gotten huge recently, specifically remakes.

Anyway, in addition to premiering on UITV in october, we hope to post this episode on Shambot as soon as it’s completed.

Now is the part where you guys come in. Tim and I have not thought of a really snappy name for the show yet, so I thought I would make an open call for suggestions from the Shamboteers. Here are some of the ones we’ve come up with so far:

Nerd Chat with Tim & Sam
Geek Speak with Tim & Sam
Geek Chic with Tim & Sam
Nerd Words with Tim & Sam
The McCoy Group
Socially Awkward with Tim & Sam


Because I’m a little sick of seeing the same thing on Shambot everyday for the past while I am making a post. AND YOU SHOULD TOO! I haven’t read/heard anything from you guys in a long time and it’s always nice to see something new on Shambot. I just like to hear what you guys are up to or what you’ve been doing lately.

I’ve been trying to relax before classes start up again. Which is, oh wait, tomorrow. I’m taking Graphic Design 2, Editorial Illustration, and Professional Practice. Also a liberal arts class that is about something or another. I’m am VERY nervous for all of these classes. Graphic Design is something I can do, but not something I’m particularly skilled in. You have to be intelligent and very creative to do editorial illustrations, summing up an entire article in one image. Difficulty- very high. Professional Practice is just something that I’m not really looking forward too.

Here is some art. The first two are possible t-shirt designs. The second two are illustrations I did for fun, and possibly for the art sale.
another criminal design.A criminal t-shirt design.A gaudy illustration.Portrait of Masculinity

biker chicks and fat cats

jealous of emma, im trying to work up to post number 50.  i just scanned a sketchbook page that really has no relation to anything.  one is a girl i made up and the other is a fat cat that was sitting next to me all day occasionally nudging me to pet him.  i did once or twice.


the big five-oh


that’s right folks, i finally reached the fifty mark! Seeing how I’m home in Ann Arbor an all during this really fabulous occaison, I figured I would do a really fabby Blast from the Past post. Unforutnately, there will be no Brendan Fraisers.. but there are diary entries, art, and photos awaiting for you… just a click away…


Eating and Dancing

A garage band song accompanied by a video.

Eating Song from billbill and Vimeo.