The Chronicles of Genzebar

Here it is, in all it’s glory: The Chronicles of Genzebar.

To explain a little, Genzebar is Genencor’s evil twin who lives below us. He’s always kneiving and trying to make Genencor’s life miserable. Fortunately, Genencor is so content, all of Genzebar’s plans fail.

But, will this one fail? Will Genzebar finally get Genencor back for ditching him in the parking lot of Genencor Int’l? ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT, DEAR READERS!

(an editor’s note: as much work as this class was, it was the most fun I’ve had in a class in a long time. I think that was probably due to the fact that the work is so different than the things that I normally do. Bonuses may include: future episodes of Meow, although in a shorter format.)

Ant Race 2000!!!!!

It is the distant future, it is the year two thousand. Robots have killed all of the humans asses with poisonous gases. The humans are dead. Now only ant racing is entertaining.

Flash “game” copyrighted Joel and stuff 2007 I made this.

it had to be you

billemma.jpgSo the other day I took a jaunt about town with Alli, Ben, and Bill. How fun! One of our stops included Brueger’s Bagels, since I have been craving them for SO LONG because of this guy in one of my morning classes who seriously brings some sort of delicious Brueger’s dough sandwich confection in EVERY DAY. It makes me ache with hunger for delicious bagel objects. Well, that ache was tended (pumpkin bagel with honey walnet cream cheese, thank you.) AND bill did the delightful drawing you see here of the gentleman on the left. Well, he looked so lonely and hopeful on the page all by himself that I couldn’t help adding my own hopeful lady and coloring the whole shebang. So here we go, a wonderful Billemma creation!!

Dizzamn, I want those socks. And that dress. And that hair. SIGH. (pop up video style side note: dress and hair based on moschino’s spring 2008 ready to wear line. dorkfashion mode.)

In other news, you can read the entire chronicles of Emma And Froggy Do Some Stuff on my blog, starting here. It’s one episode per page, so there’s a little “next post” option at the bottom. Do that.

I would be posting fantastic videos (drunk girls? mouth hand jibbles? squidy stirring?) and pictures, but guess who bought an SD card reader that tots doesn’t work?!?! That’s right, this lady. There’s a little light on the thing that flashes when I plug it into compy, and then nothing happens. Thanks a lot, life. Seriously.

Well, kids, guess what time it is?

That’s right, it’s time for the Big List of Shit You Need to Know is Going On In My Life!

-Next week, the parentals are coming to town. For the first time EVER. All shambotsters are required to meet them. They have never read this blog (as far as I know–otherwise, hey Mom!) so never fear. Your reputation has been shaped only by my comments about you.

-I am learning XHTML for And I actually like it. This is odd, and shaking all of my techie prejudices to the core. (The question “why DO I love Joel despite his geekly profession?” may have finally been answered.)

-Coffee is my new BFF. Friends ON, coffee! But coffee can’t hold me like you guys do, non-beverage friends. So I still love you, even though you are not piping hot and caffeinated and contained in a lovely mug.

-ANTM is rockin this round, mostly thanks to the Yalie (what are you doing, Connecticut? You are WAY outta yo league) and Miss Asperger poster child (who is allowing ANTM to be considered “research” for my novel that I’m writing for Margie). I only wish I had all my ladies to watch it with me, because I am physically unable to wait until Sunday. Luckily, Evan is pinch-hitting grand slams in the form of chili and curry. My kind of grand slam.

-I’m officially marking the beginning of post-graduation job search this weekend, as my portfolio is now all put together and pretty. Let the cover letter writing commence!

-I have lots of shit I should be doing that’s not posting on Shambot. I should go do that.

I think I will.

Trapped In the Elevator. . .

I had intended to create some bastardized parody of R. Kelly’s now perrennial classic, but I’m lazy, and that would be dumb, so I did this.

It’s something seen rarely outside of television sitcoms and scenarios in which poor, poor Emilio has his mutha-fuckin’ eyes gouged-out, but yesterday, I got to live a little. I got trapped in the elevator! And it was awesome! Here’s how you can get stuck in an elevator too!

1) Find the oldest, funkiest smelling elevator you know of (if it creaks, is really loud, or kinda sputters, this is a plus).
2) Get in, press a button, why don’t you?
3) Elevator has to seem like it’s not moving (You might not be able to do that on your own, but keep riding the thing until it does it).
4) Check to see if the elevator is moving by pressing every floor button. It shouldn’t work. If it did, you didn’t get stuck.
5) Try the open door buttons (however they shouldn’t work, or if they do, they reveal you are between floors; a major plus).

Intermission: At this point, look around you. Are there other people in the elevator? If so, feel free to A) Inform them that they are in fact now trapped with you in an elevator, allowing them to panic thusly. Or B) tell them this is the slowest elevator on campus and act like you know what’s up. Hell, there’s even C) start pretending that you’re crazy, and then inform that they’re trapped in the elevator with you.

6) Look for a phone in the elevator. (There wasn’t one in mine, but hey, elevators is elevators, not talky-boxes)
7) Call someone either via mobile, or “I is trapped in elevator” phone (if offered).
8) Be patient with the person on the other end of the phone. They’ll be assuming that you’re freaking out and shitting yourself with terror, when really, you find the situation kinda funny.
9) Sit down and start doing homework (you’re gonna be there for a while, it’ll be good to get things done. Besides, you didn’t bring a music or video player).
10) Don’t even think about the bathroom. Don’t. It’s best that way.
11) Wait for “rescue” by “professionals” (This is arguably the longest step, and be sure to scoff when the police officer offers you an ambulance. Where are you going to go in it?).
12) Tell all your friends in a rediculous manner about how you spent almost an hour in an elevator, keepin’ it real.

Oh yes. NOW YOU CAN DO THIS! ELEVATOR PARTAY! Here is a photo from when I was trapped.
Trapped in the Elevator
My flame thrower was really messing up folk. I wish I had seen giant rock dude though. He would have loved to have been on fire. I got a wicked amount of points.

i’m a little hungary

JanJan (my type 1 teacher) was talking about how he’s trying to get an exchange program going with design schools going in the Netherlands, which kills me a little inside. I really wish this would have happened earlier, because that’s an opportunity I’d have leapt upon. Eastern European countries and anything surrounding has some of the best design throughout the ages. I read a fantastic blog from a woman who lives in Sweden and she is constantly posting beautiful products from the surrounding areas, as well as beautiful things in her own house. It makes me so jealous!

And then there’s Long Ago and Far Away. According to Wikipedia, Long Ago and Far Away was made in Boston from 1989 to 1993. It was totally my favorite show as a kid, and it introduced me to James Earl Jones, who was the rockin’ narrator. Looking at it now, it has some of the best animation I’ve ever seen, and I have really strong memories of it, which means a lot to me since my memories of childhood seem to be fleeting. Anyhow, one of Long Ago and Far Away’s best skits was this Hungarian folk tale, which maybe was even animated in Hungary? That’s what the guy who posted this video on youtube said, at least. It’s beautiful, just watch it.

here’s the link, since i tried to embed it but kind of broke shambot in trying.

episode 2 is up!

Episode 2: Say it ain’t so!

you might notice this episode looks remarkably diferent from the last. You’d be right! I felt like the hand-drawn stuff wasn’t going well. Who ever said you weren’t observant?

Personal Outerspace pics!

It wouldn’t fit properly on the main page so click more to see the slideshow!

Hello there, all.


I am in the ‘Midji for the first time this semester. Oh, Bemidji. It is a Saturday night, and guess where the student body is?? NOT in the dorms. Its like a deserted ghost-town like in westerns up in here. I have seriously not seen anyone on the floor since I got here. Its 9:45 and I got here at 2. Amazing! Also in Bemidji can you see the classic midwestern phenomena that is “a family of hicks sitting in the back of a pickup truck chillin out, in the parking lot of an AmericInn and suites.” And this is in downtown.

Also, Alex says hi!

PS: related link to an awesome photographer who’s work is called “Greetings from Helsinki.”

thunder stealing