Blu-Ray actually Defeats HD-DVD
This morning Toshiba made a statement saying that they will “no longer develop, manufacture or market HD DVD players and recorders.”

Basically this was the turning point. Quickly after Toshiba’s announcement Paramount and Universal announced that they, too, will be publishing Blu-Ray discs exclusively. Even more, a few days ago, Wal-Mart announced that they are going to stop selling HD DVDs all together.

HD DVDs and players were cheaper than their Blu-Ray competitor, but Blu-Ray held more potential. In time the price will drop as the technology becomes easier (and cheaper) to make.

Personally, I was rooting for Blu-Ray. Yay me.


Well, hey there Shamby. This post is brought to you by the letter C, for Carrie Hartman.
And also the letter A, for AWESOME.
Without further ado, here is Holst: The Planets, transcribed direct from the manuscript generated by Miss Emma Trithart, Mr. William Ferenc, and Miss Katharine Wilson. During class hours. That we paid for. (more…)


Hello, Shambologists.


I’m here today to bestow a script to you. A script entitled: Super Skate.

Killers of the Undead

Tim is right, we Iowacityans have been far too absent from shambot as of late.

Now, in order to get your whistles whetted for some possible webisodes of Nerd Alert, I would like to present an image from the new intro that I (kind of, not really) animated.

It features Tim (befittingly dressed as a hardcore capoerista) and me (with a suit and a shotgun in homage to Steve McQueen in the Getaway) fighting off a pair of armored zombies.


speaking of “nerdy valentines…”


If you havent been to XKCD yet (this awfully funny nerd guy’s comic page), then you should. Alex and I are obsessed with it. He posted this valentine today.

PS sorry if Im doing some MAJOR thunder-stealing.

∃ ♥ ∀

Happy valentines day everyone!

In the spirit of the day I thought I’d post something interesting I found a while back on the ol’ interwebs. Intimate Objects (PDF). The basic idea is that on the computer screens of two individuals in a relationship, there would be a red dot. Over time, this red dot would fade in intensity. When clicked by either of the individuals, the intensity would partially restore. A simple way to say “I’m thinking about you.” I wasn’t able to find an actual implementation of “Intimate Objects”, so those of us actually in long-distance relationships are out of luck. What I think is really interesting about the whole thing, is that this idea enables you to communicate with your loved one in a meaningful way using only a few bits. It’s Love Compression!

Well that’s the news from Lake Bemidji. Sorry I don’t have any nerdy valentines to show off.

Edit: Removed the last piece because, well, it was stupid. Happy Love!

Huh. How did that happen?

It’s been almost over a month and half since my last post.


I’ve been boppin’ around, leavin’ responses and makin’ facebook graffiti here and there, but writing up a good ol’ fashioned post?  NOT FOR THIS FELLOW.

But I’m gonna do better.  In fact I’m gonna do awesome. How about a fancy pants valentine’s day post?  Would you like that Shambot?  Well, ALL RIGHT.



Oh my gosh, all of the cool stuff in this world. There is just so much! Here are some of the cool things I’ve seen recently (most of which are for home/decorations, for love of which I get from Emma).

This one comes from Nel, A Design Collective. I love it also because it has to do with cats!



Wiihabilitation? I’m IN!

I came across this little gem today, and I think, in the spirit of my own impending need for PT, it’s a perfect 50th!  Wii sports as medical treatment?  Why didn’t I think of that?  I especially like the doctor at the very end who was diagnosed with tennis elbow from his prolonged (personal) play of Wii Tennis.

In other highlights from my weekend, on Friday I enjoyed a fantastic Angie-date which was totally hi-jacked by Joel (in a good way).  Juno is WAY better than he or I expected it to be.  Beer drinking at Azia in good company is also fantastic.  On Saturday, we went out to The Cabooze to see Trampled By Turtles and rockout at the hoe-down.  Quite possibly the most fun I’ve had at a concert in quite some time, even considering the unpleasantry of my wrist in a crowd and the -45 windchill.  The tickets sold out right in front of me, but the rest of the gang was already through, so I sweet-talked my way in, it was awesome.  Sunday was the scholastic awards ceremony, and as much as it sucks to work all day on a Sunday, I’m really glad to have that over, so it was a nice end to the weekend!

Off to London on Wednesday for a week!  I hear that I have an admirer there, so that’ll be interesting.  Next post = foreign.  For-reals!

the moment you’ve ALL been waiting for


I know, I know. “When can I buy something that Emma made on the interwebs”, that’s all you’ve been thinking ever since you could have thoughts. Well, I’ve made your lifelong dream come true TODAY. For the lowlow price of whatever the website says, my royalty-free set of teapot and tea related doodads are now available for purchase.

I am actually very excited about this, but I’ve lessened my usual over-usage of the caps lock because I’m a professional person now, and professional peeps don’t abuse the caps lock. Or use the word peeps. damn. But seriously, guys, I am really loving my new job.