You Are Special

So here’s what I’ve been working on. Its not done yet, but i wanted to preview the idea and see what people think. for some reason Ive been doing this on my own instead of making comics. So here’s the idea, and to whet your apetite, here’s an image:

cute baby robot
i couldnt get the image uploader to work for some reason, so i html’d it in. anyway, cute right? well what if i told you he was mad using a library of parts? like the arms are one bit, the eyes, the mouth, body, head doodle, antenna thing, all diferent pre-made parts. and theres a ton more all referencing real electronic/mechanical parts. whats more, what if you could download the library for yourself and submit your own cute little robots to be displayed all together on a site somewhere on the internets? would you guys be into that?

oh also, ive been trying to think of what to call them. i just started scriblin down some stuff and i got “Microbots”,”Tinkerbots”,”Robobots”,”Doodlebots”, then i started thinking like more transformer-y robo-war kinda thing and i kind of like “Probots vs. Negatrons” or “Protrons vs. Negabots”.



Some of you may have seen this featured on, but it’s really worth checking out. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…. GREATBIGSTUFF.COM

Seriously, it’s just a website where you can buy great big stuff. Like great big scissors for your next ribbon cutting (gold handles for $10 extra!), great big aspirin for that great big headache, or great big iPod earbuds!


A life of slavery

so here I am in awesome North Carolina working with Bryan Lee O’Malley and Hope Larson. Its pretty much the best and I’m seeing what the life is really like (its clear to me now that I can pretty much say goodbye to friends) but its great. Any of you who are fans of Scott Pilgrim (are they making a movie? yes, and Michael Sera will star, blah blah) and Salamander Dream/Grey Horses will pretty much be super jealous of the things I’ve seen and done since I got here. Joel, can tell you all about it because he came to visit me last weekend and it was awesome. ANYWAY, what I really am posting about (sorry no art or pictures) is this horrible thing that got passed to us a few days ago:

TokyoPop’s Shining Stars of Manga Contest Contract/Pact/Whatever

Im not gonna talk about how awful and wrong this thing is and how its pretty much ruining comics for anyone, because we pretty much speant the whole day yesterday doing just that AND Bryan did a much better job using direct quotes on his livejournal:

destroyerzooey: a statement

also, the comments on the page are getting ridiculous.

PS Im working on this really cool project for my site that I think can be a really cool community building/fun for you project

new new new!

Life is pretty good over here on first avenue. I’ve got a new apartment, a new phone, and NEW GLASSES.

mail call

This is my identity that Bill designed with some help from me! Soon I will be sending these out to media studios/firms around town. Yay!

My Demo Reel Mailer! from bthompson on Vimeo.

total goobs!

Here are some funny guys I drew. They were scanned and then colored in Photoshop.
they\'re total goobs!

Using photoshop and illustrator has become almost second nature now. It’s kind of weird that I don’t really have to think about what I’m doing while I’m using the programs. Freshmen year of college, I didn’t even know how to use them! Now when I need to use the paint bucket I just hit the G key, when I need to transform something my fingers unconsciously move to the apple and T keys. Eyedropper? Hit the I key, Marquee tool? M key. Type Tool? T. Paintbrush, P. Move tool, V. I’m sure we all have had the same experiences with our hobbies and work.

In other news, I don’t have a job. I think I might apply at an art supply store or something. I really want to work at a design firm, but most places are only offering internships. I would really like to have health insurance, that seems pretty important.



OK, be on Live at 8pm.  I’ll set up and invite everyone to a channel for us to chat out what we wanna do.

That was a lot of fun!  For those who didn’t join in, we played Rock Band, and just a pinch of the new Mario Kart.  Chance can wail.  I mean it.  My ears rang a little, and that’s just what came through somebody else’s mic.  Crazy.  It sounds like this is something we’d like to do regularly on Thursdays, which is awesome!

If you’re not friends with my account (APT505) or the fellas (B/B/J/C), then be sure to friend me or them quick, so we know to invite you (for next time)! (more…)

New Apartment part(ment) 1

So I’ve been kicking around the new apartment since Sunday all by myself. I’ve comitted to getting everything unpacked and settled before Alli comes back from Cancun (my pennance for being that jobless boyfriend who sits around the house all day eating cheez-its and watching CNBC and CSPAN until June 23rd.) I finally got cable and internet today ($110 a month for basic digital and broadband. Anyone else paying this much?) so I will be posting pictures of my unpacking and apartmenting escapades in the coming days. But to tide you over, heres a video of me assembling Tobo, our new entertainment center. Excuse the poor quality. I was struggling with Adobe Premiere long enough to not care about removing redundant and bad frames and such.

Building a Tobo from Alex C on Vimeo.

Have no fear, SUMMER is HERE!

Oh, you better believe it!  Now, I’m well aware many of the fine people on Shambot are now graduates of fine academic institutions. Degrees in hand, it’s time to look to the future!  To JOBS.  TO HOUSES.  TO 401K and IRAs.  Oh yes.  These are the party days!  THESE ARE THE PARTY DAYS!



Here are some things I did this semester that I like but haven’t scanned in yet. They are, unfortunately, digital pictures I took without a flash when there was not enough light. SAD. Excuse my blur.

Go Steve Wiebe!!yes!confusion!

The first image is an illustration of Steve Wiebe trying to break the current world record for Donkey Kong. If you haven’t seen A Fist Full of Quarters yet, I greatly encourage you.

Next is an illustration of an astronaut. The color palette is kind of a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey.