so god damn cute!

What other adjectives could describe this video?

So Darn Cute! from billbill on Vimeo.

miss white in the hall with the crown molding

(I tots posted this on my other blog, but i thought you guys should see this)

I came across this article in the Times. It’s kind of like a real version The Westing Game or Clue… without the whole “dead guy’s will” thing. Basically a rich family hired an architecture firm to redo the interior of their apartment, but the designer didn’t just redo their interior. He put a giant, complicated puzzle literally into the woodwork. How weird would that be to come home and be like “hey honey, how was work? mm, yes, good. well, how about we go solve the next leg of the puzzle? I think there might be a clue in the kitchen cupboards.”


p.s. J.J. already has the rights to the movie

Highly suspicious behavior

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy
You totally need to make your own family.  It’s silly and temporarily entertaining!

Thanks, Ikea!

I bought a Gorm for the office today. I really like it! It fits in the space perfectly and I have much more room on my desk. There’s only one little issue…

Thanks, Ikea! from billbill on Vimeo.

Haunted House Tip #11

Every other year or so, we get real antsy on a Saturday night in the month of October.  What’re we to do?

Yesterday we spent the night running around my parent’s house with NERF guns and glowsticks, making up new games and having a hell of a time getting all the stickleburrs out of clothes.  In the long empty afternoon of Saturday, we’d played Rock Band, Boomblox to a breaking point for the day, and Wizard Staves made half of us almost toss cookies.  What’s left? Scary movies? We’ve seen them!  We’ve even seen the spanish films they’re based on!


Cedar Rapids’ premier haunted house, the “Haunted Mansion” is put up by the police every year.  In the old police station.  Real spooky and such.

So I wanted to let you guys know what to do if you decide to go to a haunted house this close to the Eve of Hallows. (more…)

He Lives!

SO, here I am. Actually living in NYC, BLOGGING from NYC. First though, living here is way different from visiting. For starters, I actually have a key to a building where I can retreat to at a whim. So that’s pretty nice. Also, it’s less crazy. When Bill and I visited it was more or less non-stop-doing-stuff, or at least figuring out what to do.

I’ve been doing a lot of hanging out. Usually in cafes, sometimes in parks, sometimes in Central Parks… I’ve been reading Chance’s copy of Speaker for the Dead which is REALLY GOOD and I can’t put it down. It’s one of those stories that I don’t want to end. Luckily for me, I’m a pretty slow reader! I like to read, stop, think about what I read, re-read and so on. Usually this is a bad thing but, for good stories and cash-strapped-people, it’s awesome.

Burger Joint and Pizza Joint Too
Bill will recognize this place! We stopped here for a late night meal and it was possibly our first “true New York restaurant” experience. Very small, packed with people, staff had thick accents and were hard to understand, AND good food. When Lindsey and I were walking around on my second or third day in I realize, “Hey, I know this area!” That was pretty cool.

I’m still working out the job situation and more importantly, the internet situation. (hah) Right now if I want internet on the laptop I have to sit on the far left side of the couch and hold the laptop up into the air until I can connect to an open network in the area, then sloooooowly move back on to the couch. Then repeat.

My iPhone is actually my main internet device now! Who’da thunk? The only problem is it’s hard to make a post with a little keyboard.

The first few days were quite emotional, but I’m much better now. Moving to a new region of the country is hard and weird! And this is the first time I’ve done it.

After spending 22 years in the Midwest, I will never forget it or the people who are there. I will definitely be back for visits and never think for a second that I’ll forget or resent where I came from.

journal post #3

Featuring Allison!

this one’s for you, ben thompson.


I mentioned a hooded penguin towel one night at D&D, and ever since Ben has been obsessed. We finally got some in today at work, and I guess the feathered friend featured on the towel is not a penguin, but a chicken. How sad. WELL BEN, I decided to do some research for you, and here are some PRIME penguin hooded towels:

here and

One more thing…

Okay, I have another time-waster:

Play with sand! SO COOL! I just wasted the past 45 minutes playing with it…

I am worried

Has anyone been watching the escalating violence being directed towards Barama (my new, endearing, nickname for Barack Obama) at several McCain-Palin rallies?!? This is getting ridiculous (and scary).

The first that I ever heard of these attacks I saw with my own eyes (well on the tv anyways) at the Lakeville, MN McCain rally last week. A lady calls Obama an Arab.

Way to step up and stereotype Minnesota as an ignorant, redneck republican state lady… Luckily, McCain steps in and saves the day. AWKWARD. But it only gets worse… (more…)