Smiles, We got em.

So I had some time to kill today and I really like the “Weirdmotes” smiles set that you can get for Adium.  Now we’ve got them on Shambot!  If you’re using the Visual editor there is a smiles button that you can click.  Other wise it will reinterpret most basic (and complicated) emoticons.  These also work in comments and there are little emoticons to the right of the comment box that you can click on to add them to your comment.

:O :| :B :A :C :c :E :S :U :0 :D :[ :L :X :I :F :G :H :} c: C: :/ :J :K :M :N :^ D: :. :P :} :Q :R :( :{ :) :T :q :V :W :, :Y :Z

Next on my list is to add avatar support into the comments!  (no anime, plz :c )



DTW’s Psychedelic Tunnel! from Emma Brown on Vimeo.

I finally got a decent video of DTW’s Psychedelic Tunnel! This thing is legend among the Trithart family. I know that it makes no sense, and that it really shouldn’t exist, but it does and it’s AMAZING. Next time you fly through detroit, make sure you make the pilgrimage between Concourse B and A. It’s worth it, i promise.

You must have heard of the Ken Burns effect

all of you media artists out there. If not, you’ll know what it is when you read about on Wikipedia here.

Anyways, I somehow stumbled upon a video clip of Ken Burns himself, speaking about the Ken Burns Effect. It is very interesting, and even funny. Enjoy!

cake time

I made a cake over the holidays. Fondant is weird, but really fun to work with! I only had a few pieces but it tasted pretty good.


I should have made it Christmas themed, but I picked yellow and pink for some reason. I’m looking forward to more experiments in the future.

Voluntary Copyright Infringement

I meant to post this awhile ago, like… right after Thanksgiving. But it’s still after Thanksgiving so I think it still counts.

While battling my way to the front lines at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade the only thing that should run through a Star Wars nerd’s head was running though mine.

Thanksgiving Parade Battle from Joel Gillman on Vimeo.

Have a nifty holiday!

future halloween costume?

sorry guys, no exciting news about my life or the world – just an observation that our very own ben thompson kind of adorably reminds me of charlie brown. did we already know this? am I behind on the charlie thompson/ben brown wagon?


Okay, only two really… An some text talky stuff. I think this is just a life update kind of thing.

<<< Dialogue with myself >>>

<<< Address Shambot as a single entity >>>

Kay! So. I’m leaching off of my parent’s Netflix account so I can do the instant watching thing and I found this movie:
Haha, I named this file "crachbutt.png" and laughed to myself.
Honestly, how is that a movie.

Nerve Wracking
This is part of what I did at work last week! I’m not sure if I put up in a public space who I’m doing it for (though some of you know) so the newsletter’s name has been REDACTED! But it was quite a rush to hit the send button and have a newsletter that potentially has all of my mistakes in it fly off to 74-some-thousand people. GULP!

By the way I got a job. So I’m totally a big shot now (just kidding). The company is called Reindeer – though I’m still unsure if it’s officially Reindeer Company, Reindeer Group or just plane ol’ Reindeer. In any case, it’s a small company, I think I’m the 11th employee. But that’s what I was looking for! A small company where I could really own what I do and do cool shit as well. So far I like it a lot :)

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Update from Republic:

A couple of days ago I posted about the occupation by workers of the Republic Windows & Doors factory in Chicago. I’ve been really excited about it all week, reading everything can find, posting fliers, and talking about it to everyone. Seriously, I’m sure Ben and Bill are tired of hearing about it… Well too bad! Because on Wednesday night (sorry for the delayed post… old news is good news, right?) the union, Republic management and Bank of America finally cut a deal that is an undeniably massive win for the Republic workers, so there is officially no hope that I will ever shut up about this. Basically, the bank is going to pay for the workers’ severance and unused vacation pay AND extend their health benefits for a month or two. Huge.

*SUNDAY UPDATE* Y’all, I got fussy baby syndrome. I gots it bad.


Ok, I’m gonna hop online at 2pm this afternoon, and then shenanigans can commence! I’ll collect everyone who’s on into a party, where all of us can chat at once? Creepy? MAYBE! Fun? I HOPE SO.

Games to be played?  Here are my ideas:

Puzzle Fighter 2 HD

Halo 3 (I assume most of us have this disc)

Castle Crashers

Gears of War 2/Rock Band 2 (Assuming anyone has it?)

If you guys know of a fun multiplayer game over the market place that’s 10$ or less I’m happy to pick it up in the name of good times.  Maybe Super Street Fighter 2 HD?  I dunno.

Drop me a line if you’ve any Q’s, and I’ll see you guys on the megawebs later today!


Wah wah wah.  I’m a fussy baby.  Nothin’ goes the way I wants it to.  EVER.