Secret Twins?

Katie suggested to me yesterday (after a friend told her), that infact, I am a duplicate of psuedo-super celebrity Christian Slater.  I’m not really sure if I see it, but I know this for a fact: we’re both super famous for our terrible Jack Nicholson impersonations.  Only one of us gets paid for it, however. (more…)

We Did It!

So yesterday, I came home from work to find Bill and Emma recording trivial pursuit questions. Apparently you can film your own questions and submit them online for a chance to be on the game show (there is a Trivial Pursuit Game Show, for those of you who don’t know). And so, we filmed them. And then I edited together our attempts!

In Pursuit of Trivia from bthompson on Vimeo.


So, apparently there is something interesting going on over on YouTube. You can download the Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros .mp3, and make a lipdub for the song, then upload it to Popular clips are selected and are going to be played on HBO. You can check it out here.

I… would like to do one. As embarrassing as it will end up being, I think it will be fun! The deadline is Jan. 25th.

I think this one is hilarious, although at times fairly inappropriate:

I don’t want to post about Dr. Who

Lost = The Prisoner

Lost is an awful lot like The Prisoner, which started the late great Patrick McGoohan. They’re remaking The Prisoner with Ian McKellen as Number 2. Tiiiight.

secrets secrets are no fun


With eager anticipation I’ve been awaiting the season premier of everyone’s favorite confusing show, LOST. Whenever the show takes a break I generally go through this cycle: sadness, sayid withdrawel, and then i forget all about it. UNTIL, THAT IS, I catch a rerun on the telly, and then I’m off into Lostobsession again.

I know a few Shamboteers love this show like I do, which is why I now point you to this interesting article from the New York Times about Lost’s script coordinator. This guy keeps a giant word document with every single detail about Lost and has to keep up with the show CONSTANTLY. How frickin’ difficult CAN YOU IMAGINE IT WOULD BE.

p.s. Sorry Chance, you can write a post about Doctor Who or something.

Didot, Hatched

I’ve been working on a kind of font for some clients’ wedding and its been slow to start, but I finally have the base of it down. This image will appear as the front of a card that we are having printed on a letter-press and I can’t wait to see how it looks.

here is more of the font, and this is what I’m actually calling it as it really basically is Didot.

I need some Brutal Honesty

Okay, so for the past couple days, I’ve been working on the following image:
Space is the Place

I’ve been taking it fairly serious, and I can honestly say that I really do like this image. I know it’s silly and maybe a bit crazy, but in terms of a designed piece I actually like how it’s working. The bright colors, the glowing shapes, and the typography, I think, are all pretty cool.

Unfortunately, I may be a bit blinded by something, possibly those bright candy-colored orbs. Is this a good piece, or a cheesy, awfully photoshopped image? I was so into making this ‘illustration’ (I’m not really sure what to call it), that when I was told that it looked hokey I was flabbergasted. So, I need some brutal honesty. Should I frame it and hang it on our wall, or erase the files and hope potential employers and clients never see it? I can’t say I won’t be heartbroken, but I’m going to appreciate the vision correction.

A touch of winter ennui. For you, and for me.

Winter is chilly.  I’ve come to accept that as fact.

My house, while inexpensive, and awesomely close to downtown, is kinda crappy.  I’ve come to accept that as fact.

Sometimes though, the chilly and the crappy get together and make everything real poopy.  I’m not ready to accept that yet.

Three days ago, the pipes in my kitchen froze.  No big deal, no dishes for a few days until they thaw out.  But it got COLDER, not warmer, and now we’ve no kitchen, and as of this morning, no showers to be taken.  No sinks to wash post-doodie-hands in, and possibly very soon, no doodie-pot to flush.  I’m scared everyone.  I’m ever so scared.

Yesterday the landlord called me to tell me to leave the water on at just above a trickle, to keep the kitchen pipes from freezin’.  Such a well timed communique as they had already frozen two days prior. Now I’ve got to call him back to beg for help to save my precious hot showers.  Oy.

Someone’s got a Wacom tablet

So I’ve got a Wacom tablet at work.  And I love the shit out of it.  It’s not like a do a ton of drawing with it, I mostly use it when I’m working in Photoshop (which makes sense) and it adds another layer of control that I wasn’t previously used to.

Another thing, using a trackpad or mouse with my right hand all day is bad.  I didn’t used to notice it but over the last five or six months I’ve noticed a dull pain in my wrist.  This is an early sign of RSI (repetitive strain injury).  As a heavy computer user I’m well aware of this problem.  Wait what the fuck just happened. :B I somehow fell into a PSA about RSI!  Haha, I honestly didn’t mean to do that. :D

I think my point was that using several different types of input is a good way to vary.  So I use a trackpad, mouse, keyboard shortcuts, and now a tablet.  Apparently you can also add testicles to your mouse a la “MouseBean.”

The main point of this post was LOOK AT THE DUMB THINGS I DO WITH THE TABLET.


Also a secondary point I’d like to make.  I took these screenshots with a program called Skitch.  It’s totally awesome!  I didn’t like it at first but now I do.  You have to register to be able to use it, but don’t fret!  It’s free!


Hey, it’s been like a week right? I’m posting again, sorry if I’m annoying.

Monster Clock from billbill on Vimeo.

Trygve and I started a small little project called Second Hand Clocks! Mostly his idea Totally his idea, we’re working together to recycle old clocks and clock parts and using them to make designer art pieces! I’ve painted two already, Trygve has one in the works, and Emma will be starting one soon. We’re going to get in touch with local artists and designers to make their own, then sell them online (with the artists getting the profit). Currently Trygve is working on the website and I’m still trying to get the logo worked out.