Shamboteers, sorry it’s been so long since my last post. I’ve been super busy taking classes here, and among other things I am taking a course on Electromagnetism. Little did I know that magnets could be so dangerous. Here’s a guy who lost part his finger from rare earth magnets. He said the were .5 meters apart when he accidentally lined up the poles and they slammed together with a ridiculous amount of force (I may calculate roughly how much later tonight when I have a bit of time.) Anyways, On to the disturbing images.Click here! WARNING: There are a lot of gross medical images on this website. [I got this from Bad Astronomy if anyone is curious.]

Anyways, I’m looking forward to meeting up with some of you in May and SXSW starts soon. I will try and post pictures.

the best idea

BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.

This guys filmed himself dancing everyday for 100 days, and I think it is GENIOUS. Probably the most fun he’s ever had, but the hardest too. You can find the playlist of all of the songs (WHICH I AM NOW DOWNLOADING) on his vimeo.

THAT girl.

I’m sure we’ve all been there before. There’s that one kooky person in class who just fascinates and horrifies you like watching a car accident in slow motion. Be it the person who can’t help but wear Lisa Frank inspired blazers, or the guy who comes to class, falls asleep and begins snoring.  Well friends, I have a winner for you. (more…)

I was asked by Puny to contribute a character design to an animated music video they are doing for this song, We R Superheroes on The Apples in Stereo’s new kids’ album, Robbert Bobbert. Not only is this one of my favorite bands, but I really love the song and all the people working on the music video. Contributors include Tim Sievert, Jordan Crane, King Mini, Kevin Cannon and others I can’t quite remember.

so this is the alter ego and his super-powered self who I’m calling The Calculator. I imagine he uses his super computing powers to calculate exactly the correct solution to solve any problem. Also, he is a serious nerd.



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my car hates me now, but I just couldn’t help it, after the new snow and a few weeks of watching Ranma 1/2 with the boys.




I don’t even know what to say.

Credit to PWWTKT.COM!

Verizon? For Internet?


Verizon Chat

Lindsey and I live in apartment 12, our mailing address is apartment 11, and our shipping address is yet another address (at least for packages and wireless modem/routers). The online helper-chat guy apparently didn’t know what to do so he told us to call the local Verizon people tomorrow.

But what’s up with this?! “Have a blessed day!!”?!?! :D

Yeah, okay thanks Pope Phelps of Verizon.

Mom’s old tape recorder

Ben and I wrote a short song, and recorded it on a Hitachi LevelMatic:

Mom’s Tape Recorder from billbill on Vimeo.

Sorry for the crappy video. My digital camera isn’t the best.

I was home a while ago, and found an old tape recorder in the basement. Apparently my mom used it when she was younger. I’m not sure what for, because most of the tape somehow got sped up and the audio is distorted. I had chance copy the entire tape onto a hard drive, so all the memories are preserved. There is however, a really beautiful song still intact. I think it was my uncle singing to one of my aunts. It’s him playing the acoustic guitar and the quality of the recording is unbelievable. It’s very haunting and romantic. There is also a cute, but also a little creepy recording of my brother singing the ABC’s. I can post that later if I get the audio from Chance’s hard drive.

The Royal League of Bunnies

from Tiki Bar TV:

The Rules, collected.

I have a sickness.

filling out another fucking formSo… I might have talked about this to you before but I want it to be public and I want everyone to know.

I love filling out forms. Seriously. It’s like a test and I know all of the answers. First name? Easy! Mother’s maiden name? Yup! Last four digits of my social security number? Got it! Address of the house I grew up in? Oh… crap. UUUUuuuummmm-I remember!

Because of this, I sometimes get into trouble. For example I now have a subscription to Real Simple magazine. (It’s interesting to browse, though I don’t really need a subscription.) I also have a lot of online profiles. Sure I’m a tech-nerd-geek and I like to be an early adopter, but mainly it’s because I’ve run out of forms to fill out so I’m constantly searching for something new. I sign up to new social networks where I don’t know anyone just so I can make a profile and forget about it a week later when I run out of things to fill out.

Today I got home from a movie (Coraline – totally awesome see it!) and had some mail from Citibank. Opened it up and found A FORM! I didn’t even read what it was I just grabbed a pen and started filling shit out. My name, my routing number, my account number, social security, checked “yes i would like to give you all my money” and– wooooah. I caught myself. What was I filling out?! I didn’t even know. It was like waking up, cold and alone on the floor of a dark bathroom, seeing drug paraphernalia scattered around and thinking “my god, what I am I doing to myself?”

Okay, so maybe it’s not that severe, but it’s definitely a problem.

It all boils down to this: Am I alone? Do other people have these problems? Is there somewhere I can find a bunch of harmless forms that can be filled out again and again without ever having to worry about subscriptions and other disastrous consequences? Thank god tax season is almost here, I don’t know how long I can hold out for.

(Just found out that jimmycarter over in LiveJournal-land also shares my obsession.)