family portrait

Today Emma and I did a photoshoot for the next update to our Hello Ladies Vintage Shop! Chance decided to help by being the offical balloons-holder. So of course. after the shoot, we had to take some silly portraits and jumping pictures. I am sure Emma and I will have all of them uploaded to our Flickr’s before too long. CHECK IT OUUUUT.



Hey everything/one in Shambot-land.

I have a request. I have this feeling, since you all are cooler/more tech-savvy than I, that you all have these “twitter” things. WHAT THE HELL WEIRD. But anyways, John and I are trying to break into the world as Dude and Chick (that would be our establishment of stationery sweetness– and now we have twitter. And Tumblr. Please follow us so I can follow you and John and I can have friends that aren’t weird porn spammy friends.

Also, comment to let me know your usernames and I can follow you too!