Shootin’ dem lazers


yep. happy birthday, alli. (original photo here)


Since Monday, I’m pretty sure a rib shifted and has been causing me inordinate amounts of pain when I twist, lift a thing, or BREATHE. Not great.

So to remedy the problem I just had my first chiropractors visit.

Now, I’m not a rich kid, and the insurance isn’t gonna back me up on this one until I’ve spent $400 of my own cash (I’m not doing that).

As I’m already of a mixed mind regarding the validity of chiropractic practice in general, I’m kinda waiting with baited breath to see if all the bone crunching works and I get $50 smackers worth of value. It certainly made some glorious noises and released some pressure in my back, but I’m not sure I can put a price point on spine noises.

Please lord of the crunchy bones, fix my crappy rib.

TWenty One

I just threw this together for funsies. It’s inspired by the font “TWenty One” by SMeltery which is “is a French font factory founded in 2002 by Jack Usine”

Larger version.

(the music I said I was going to post last time is still coming, hold onto yer butt)

Drop Yer Pants for ATT

Srsly. Eff ATT.

Apparently all I post any more are videos… I have music (not mine) that I’ll post in a few days though.

A song

What could this be a song for?

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Never Want to

PS- Joel, how do you upload an mp3 so it shows up with a little media player instead of it being a link to the file?

“The Highest of Pot Psychology”

This video doesn’t really pick up until around 1:20 in, but FRICK it is very funny after that. Also, the people in this video feel very familiar, like they went to MCAD or I’ve (we’ve) hung out with them before… (we haven’t, just feels like it)

The Highest of Pot Psychology from Pot Psychology on Vimeo.

How to be cool

My co-worker, Sam, found this on today. It’s GREAT.

Ways to be cool


Ben and I recently purchased a new TV. A rather large new TV, I might add. 42″ I also might add. We hooked up Ben’s computer to it. I’m sitting in a living room chair, with my feet kicked up on a footrest, and a plank of wood as my keyboard/mouse pad.

It’s a new experience working in Illustrator while being as comfortable as I am now. I’m used to hunching over my 13″ macbook screen and zooming in and out. Squinting my eyes and shifting around in my chair to get the kinks out of my back. I do have to worry about falling asleep though. This chair is pretty comfy.

This is what I’m working on in Illustrator: Eggmoes!

My previous post contained some of the pieces. I took some out, and added a couple new pieces (mostly the multi-colored images). I’m pretty happy with the way these are turning out.

Soon I will make a quick post on the drawings I’m working on. Three large drawings! One about space. One about human animal. One about my trip to Florida. None of them are close to completion, but I wanted to show some progress.


a few of you, dear friends, have been subjected to many a glorified chat between chance and I about the many MANY plotlines of Degrassi: the Next Generation. As their wikipedia page can tell you, the theme song was “…written by Jim McGrath, Jody Colero and Stephen Stohn”, aka the three most genius people on the planet.

Now, while you go go watch youtube videos of the theme song in various states, why not listen to this version recorded by bill and myself, with chance as the special guest star? I promise it has ten time more voice cracks and ten times more johnny woods in the background.

BE THE BEST!!! from Emma Brown on Vimeo.