Let the narcissism begin


omg chance

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there Shambot. I was just thinking about my friend Chance. Oh, you don’t know him? He’s okay I guess. Although… come closer, I don’t want anyone to hear us… I think he has a problem. An internet problem. See, every time I talk to him on the internet and have to step away to, say, take the kettle off the stove or answer the telephone and THIS happens:

The Things I Read For Class…

This is a one paragraph summary of a case from another case I was reading for Criminal Law (it was dealing with causation).

“In People v. Lewis, 124 Cal. 551, 559, the facts were as follows. The defendant inflicted a gunshot wound on the deceased. This wound was mortal. The deceased, however, procured a knife and cut his throat, and thereby brought about his own death sooner than would have been the case if it had resulted from the original wound. The defendant was convicted of manslaughter, and the conviction was affirmed by the highest court of California.”

In my notes next to this paragraph, it reads: “HOLY.SHIT.”

Then I decided to tell you guys about it.

ICE FLOW. nowhere to go

The ice and snow is meltinggggggggg. I love this song.

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Hey, some RETARD Steven asked about this so: Did you know that Shambot! has a quick-post bookmarklet do-dad?

We totally do!  Check it out by clicking on the link below (you need to be logged in).

Tools ‹ Shambot! — WordPress.

I changed the title of this post. It’s now titled: Smug-o-pedia.

I found this while attempting to sort out how much appropriated bomb casings that were sold for a profit in 1954 were worth in 2008 dollars (adjusted for inflation, natch.).


I’m going to get in on the ground floor and tell the people why Goosebumps’s totally the most underrated serial fiction of the twenty-first century thus far.  It’ll even let you pretend like you’re totally better than your friends, workmates and loved ones? HOTDAWG. Oh my stars and garters, this is way better than my idea for Kooksterpedia, the wiki for those kooky kids who love rainy-days and cookie-shots.


Don’t you wish we had the “rotate the crime scene” option in photoshop?

nodar kumaritashvili

Today I was thinking about the death of Nodar Kumaritashvili. It just struck me as being so profound and it’s hard to describe my feelings about what happened. I think I realized the impact of the situation during the one minute of silence at the opening ceremony yesterday.

Not only was the entire stadium absolutely silent, my friends and I were silent as well. It felt like the whole world had paused. That probably sounds overdramatic.

I made this illustration today. It’s not really supposed to be a memorial or anything. I think it’s more about all the luge athletes and how this event has affected them.


We’re all fans of weird CAPTCHA phrases, and recently a high school favorite, Something Awful had a Photoshop Phriday (using MSPaint though..) where folks illustrated their own favorite phrases. Lots of gems.

Foot in the Door 4

This is my submission for the MIA’s Foot in the Door 4 show.

It was a doodle at first. Then it turned into a scavenger hunt. I think a whole series of people discovering things would be interesting.