Losers – ‘Flush’ feat Riz MC & Envy

This is an amazing video. I suggest HD and fullscreen because there’s so much detail, but it’s good either way.

are you there, j.j.?

more comics! but they’re lost themed comics from the very genius kate beaton, who also makes great comics about famous people in history and religion, canadians, and top gun.

p.s. i feel the same way about kate.

p.p.s. do you guys still watch lost? if not, sorry.

secret plans

I found this on our project server today:

I don’t know what Batman thinks he’s doing with those plans. He must work the night shift because I’ve never seen him here.

Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world

This is a little on the long side, but it’s really good. (i just listened to the audio while working)

neurophysicists + Bobby McFerrin

Just found this great video of Bobby McFerrin demonstrating to a panel of neurophysicists how the brain anticipates notes at the World Science Festival. Cool! What else can our brains do?!?

Via Mpr’s State of the Arts Blog


Joel Post-mania! Three days in a row, I’m getting good.

This comic is from Lefthandedtoons.com which is hilarious and in the same vein as Toothpaste For Dinner or Natalie Dee. (funny, poorly drawn cartoons)

Also, if anyone isn’t familiar with Bill’s consistant Friday Facebook posts you should really check it out.

I’m Tellin All Ya’ll It’s Galactica!

I really wish that show was still on, Caprica is good but I don’t love it as much.

Color Test This, biatch!

You have perfect color vison!

Apparently I have perfect color vision! MCAD probably helped out with that… Try it for yourself! – http://www.xritephoto.com/ph_toolframe.aspx?action=coloriq

March 4th Day of Action

Today was a massive day of action to oppose budget cuts, tuition hikes, layoffs and furloughs in all level of public education. SocialistWorker.org has been live blogging the whole day with readers sending in reports from across the country. Here’s the most recent from San Francisco:

About 3,000 students, teachers and parents from all levels of education marched down Mission Street, headed toward a giant rally at San Francisco’s Civic Center, reports David Russitano, a math teacher and member of United Educators of San Francisco.

The crowd is a cross-section of all races and genders. The feeling is festive, with costumes, homemade signs and plenty of noise-makers. It feels like the start of a massive movement.

And the crowd is still continuing to grow as schools get out!

Protesters from all parts of the Bay Area are converging on the Civic Center rally in San Francisco–expectations are high for a huge turnout.

From Socialist Worker

Here’s a link to the rest of the live blog. This makes me so happy. There’s some awesome stuff happening right now!

Update: That 3,000 mentioned above became 20,000 within two hours! Democracy Now reported that, nationwide, the action numbered around 100,000!

mooooomie moomie moo!

Do you know about moomie? She is a sort of alter ego/mini me that I created for funsies. She always wears her hood up, loves her silly sock boot slippers, and has a cat named Schmoomie. A lot of situations involving moomie come from real life, like the following….