More than anything I agonized over whether the ‘A’ should be capitalized

Chance I saw a bumper sticker that made me think of you today.


If you’ve ever been in any sort of touristy situation with me, than you’ve no doubt been embarrassed by my technique of canvasing the entire area with pictures and not deleting any of them (even the blurry ones). I even partake in the oh-so-nerdy process of take picture -> rotate 30 degrees -> take picture -> rotate 30 degrees -> etc. Well, today all the awkwardness pays off because I’ve finally found a software which turns my pieces of panoramas into panoramas. I went through the last 5 years of panorama-shots this morning and picked out and stitched together the good ones. It’s all extremely automatic, which is awesome. The software is Microsoft Image Composite Editor by Microsoft Research. Free, but Windows Only!


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