the best idea

BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.

This guys filmed himself dancing everyday for 100 days, and I think it is GENIOUS. Probably the most fun he’s ever had, but the hardest too. You can find the playlist of all of the songs (WHICH I AM NOW DOWNLOADING) on his vimeo.

Ramis Kim, super cool

Playing Dead Ramis Kim

"Playing Dead" Ramis Kim

I think you should check out this illustrator’s website. I like the “paint” section.

i like this video/this is how i am feeling lately

You must have heard of the Ken Burns effect

all of you media artists out there. If not, you’ll know what it is when you read about on Wikipedia here.

Anyways, I somehow stumbled upon a video clip of Ken Burns himself, speaking about the Ken Burns Effect. It is very interesting, and even funny. Enjoy!

psych! i like this video better.

baby’s first christmas tree! from Allison on Vimeo.

okay, don’t laugh at me.

I don’t know if any of you guys have heard this girl’s stuff, but I have become kind of obsessed. Her name is Lady Gaga and she is 22! (A baby!) Anyways, I saw this video on stylsightings a few days ago and clicked on if for a whim, and now I’m hooked. This song is kind of dance-y and fun (so joel will like it), but she’s a great solo, powerful girl singer (which Katie will like) and plus she’s ADORABLE (so Emma will definitely like her). So I thought I would post her here and see what you all think.

Lady Gaga – Pokerface

shakespeare on the subway

“Two USC School of Theatre students bring the Bard to Manhattan, entertaining commuters with a memorable scene from Romeo and Juliet.” Go to the full story at USC News here, and listen to the Morning Edition story below!

TOTALLY COOL. I wish I could see that kind of performance art here in Minneapolis! Joel, keep you eyes peeled this summer for me!

I’ve been meaning to show you guys this work…

I’ve been printing in Eric Recktenwald’s studio recently for an upcoming show at Intermedia Arts (I’ll save that for another post), and have become enraptured with this photographer’s work. Eric has a small print of a piece from Nina Berman’s series called “Marine Wedding” hanging in the studio. It is both the saddest and most fascinating new work I have seen in a long time.

And although you have all probably been inundated with war photography by the media by now, and may feel that there is a lot of this going on, and that it is in no way unique, I think you should take a look at this series. I felt that way too, but for some reason cannot help but feel absolutely moved by these when I have begun not to feel anything for war images anymore. Her new book will be coming out soon, and I think I will have to get it.

Go to Nina’s website here, and read a New York Times article about the image (and Nina’s work in general) here. And just in case, you can go to her gallery for more images here.

I am worried

Has anyone been watching the escalating violence being directed towards Barama (my new, endearing, nickname for Barack Obama) at several McCain-Palin rallies?!? This is getting ridiculous (and scary).

The first that I ever heard of these attacks I saw with my own eyes (well on the tv anyways) at the Lakeville, MN McCain rally last week. A lady calls Obama an Arab.

Way to step up and stereotype Minnesota as an ignorant, redneck republican state lady… Luckily, McCain steps in and saves the day. AWKWARD. But it only gets worse… (more…)

Delicious dinner.

Today was a delicious day. Alex and I slept in (woo-hoo 10am!) and made huevos rancheros for breakfast with blueberry muffins as well! Then I was running around shooting (no, not people) so we just brought some grapes and a water bottle to keep hydrated (although today was BEAUTIFUL, did anyone else notice??). But then, for dinner, I made us spaghetti, and zucchini sauteed with garlic and chili pepper. It was amazing. Light and refreshing, with a little bit of a zing! Jump below for more exciting news!