Wiihabilitation? I’m IN!

I came across this little gem today, and I think, in the spirit of my own impending need for PT, it’s a perfect 50th!  Wii sports as medical treatment?  Why didn’t I think of that?  I especially like the doctor at the very end who was diagnosed with tennis elbow from his prolonged (personal) play of Wii Tennis.

In other highlights from my weekend, on Friday I enjoyed a fantastic Angie-date which was totally hi-jacked by Joel (in a good way).  Juno is WAY better than he or I expected it to be.  Beer drinking at Azia in good company is also fantastic.  On Saturday, we went out to The Cabooze to see Trampled By Turtles and rockout at the hoe-down.  Quite possibly the most fun I’ve had at a concert in quite some time, even considering the unpleasantry of my wrist in a crowd and the -45 windchill.  The tickets sold out right in front of me, but the rest of the gang was already through, so I sweet-talked my way in, it was awesome.  Sunday was the scholastic awards ceremony, and as much as it sucks to work all day on a Sunday, I’m really glad to have that over, so it was a nice end to the weekend!

Off to London on Wednesday for a week!  I hear that I have an admirer there, so that’ll be interesting.  Next post = foreign.  For-reals!

work is surprisingly fun!!

So, in my post-graduation state of ‘damaged goods – you break it, you buy it’ I am actually feeling really fantastic about things right now!  some of my projects:

Push Institute –  pushthefuture.org  I made this website! (sorta) – admire for its crazy programing tools that I continue to fix, update and add (try to sign-up for the mailing list on the home page, just try it!!). Still working on making it more attractive.  I am officially the Operations Manager now, I handle all of the systems integration, tech and interns for the office, jeez, its cool!  I also learned how to connect to our office mac-mini from outside of our network.  that was cool too.

MCAD – Scholastics is almost over here, you can see all of the student work up in the concourse gallery.  While we’ve been dealing with our region, I have been doing a lot of testing and help for the national office, which may result in a week trip to NYC in March to work, and possibly more after that, to re-make the system that runs the website (neato!)

Also starting a project here to design a CRM (contact relationship management) system, which will be huge/fantastic/exciting & I will learn a lot!

SES is picking up, have the first few meetings this week.  Haley Bonar will be our Artist for the media section.

So, the last exciting thing is that I’ll be going to London in about 10 days for a little vacation/grad gift/friend visit.  Going to be an adventure with the wrist, but well, I don’t really care, it’s going to rock!


I broke my wrist while busting a move on the dance floor! yikes. not coordinated enough to post photos, but you saw the evidence from the video!

be my friend in this time of whiny pain?

About damn time!

I chopped off all my hair!!  Have you seen me yet!?

Hair = Gone

PS BEN: Every time I look at shambot, I want to eat delicious breakfast items.



in Mary-Kate Olsen’s Apartment?!

Astronauts & Dinosaurs – what else could you need?!

This artist is hilariously fantastic! Oil painter with two series – Astronauts in everything, and a dinosaur named Dinosaur who travels the globe. Scott Listfield is my new hero: astronautdinosaur.com
At the Laundromat with Boba Fett -By Scott Listfield

Dinosaur in NYC - Scott Listfield


So, as you may know, the four fantastic mcad shambot ladies make a trip each weekend to some new and fantastic brunch location. This past weekend was no exception (minus the lovely katie, who was still in portland). It was such a crazy/delicious food experience, that we had to document the occasion. We went to the Keys Cafe in St Paul, and, well, this is the AFTER:

SOO much food!
does it look like we even made a dent? No. We seriously sat there and ate for an hour, and you can’t even tell! You can also see the remnants of the most fantasticly-gooey cinnamon rolls that you have ever seen (served with giant wads of butter), which we got free from our waiter, just for being hot! He said that if he were into girls, he would be into us, and hot girls always get free stuff, so we shouldn’t have to suffer just because he’s gay. Which, perhaps was the most fantastic reason for free cinnamon rolls ever! And he got a very big tip.


Post College Shambot Post:

Those awesome canadians. About the only time of year that I will accept french-canadians as real canadians

Who’s done with school?

Who’s done with school?


Time to Celebrate (ie, drink).

Janice Dickenson Went There

So, it was a pretty exciting day in Tinseltown, and this headline is only worthy of a “oooh nawww she dinnent”:


The photo accompaniment is pure editorial genius.   Just sayin…
Also in the news: Multi-Millionaire-Trailer-Trash Britney is stealing $1.39 lighters again.  And Pimp C’s funeral is coming up.  Oh, and, Baldwin doesn’t want an warrant out for his arrest.  Well, I wouldn’t want a warrant out for my arrest either, but you know, sometimes you have to suck it up.