These pieces are about the five senses. And also love. For my illustration class!

I really like the idea of ‘home’. Going home, or finding a home. I think it’s always been an important theme in my work. I like drawing houses because of all the things they represent.

This series is about my home, and all the things I love/loved about being at home (in Wyandotte).


I was recently asked to be in a bike poster show at The Bikery . The theme of the show is Local/Euro: european-inspired cycling posters. Super exciting!

I decided that I wanted to screen print my posters, which turned out to be quite a challenge (I haven’t screen printed in about 4 years). But thanks to my good buddy Lucas of MouseSaw, it went well! He seriously is the nicest guy ever, and totally made the whole thing possible. DEFINITELY check out his work too, he is a master!

I don’t have pictures of the final yet, but here’s my photoshop file:

I didn’t manage to mix these colors, but the background is orange and the linework is a darkdark brown. I think it looks somewhat vintage/european. Mostly because I based it off this poster HERE.

I really like the simplicity of the image, and thought the typography was nice. As you can see, I was VERY inspired by it. I like the modernized figure though. Rolled up pants and a sweet tank top! The cap is a little throwback I suppose.

PRINTS WILL SOON BE AVAILABLE! I only got about 30 solid prints, so a very limited run! I’ll take some real life pictures soon.

secret plans

I found this on our project server today:

I don’t know what Batman thinks he’s doing with those plans. He must work the night shift because I’ve never seen him here.

ICE FLOW. nowhere to go

The ice and snow is meltinggggggggg. I love this song.

nodar kumaritashvili

Today I was thinking about the death of Nodar Kumaritashvili. It just struck me as being so profound and it’s hard to describe my feelings about what happened. I think I realized the impact of the situation during the one minute of silence at the opening ceremony yesterday.

Not only was the entire stadium absolutely silent, my friends and I were silent as well. It felt like the whole world had paused. That probably sounds overdramatic.

I made this illustration today. It’s not really supposed to be a memorial or anything. I think it’s more about all the luge athletes and how this event has affected them.

Foot in the Door 4

This is my submission for the MIA’s Foot in the Door 4 show.

It was a doodle at first. Then it turned into a scavenger hunt. I think a whole series of people discovering things would be interesting.

I believe…

…in kitties

I made this today. I think I’ve decided that I’m going to make iPhone backgrounds for a living.

In Iowa…

Let’s ignore the obvious here and pretend that this isn’t 4 months since the last post.

DOODLES. I bought a cheap scanner for scanning at home. It really sucks. Surprise! I was crabby on 1/2/10 apparently. Luckily, all three of my needs were fulfilled. Later I drew all of Ben’s parents’ pets. Sitka, Loki, Rose, Angus, Nell and Tess. Dog, Dog, cat, cat, kitten, kitten. ANIMALS!

A song

What could this be a song for?

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Never Want to

PS- Joel, how do you upload an mp3 so it shows up with a little media player instead of it being a link to the file?


Ben and I recently purchased a new TV. A rather large new TV, I might add. 42″ I also might add. We hooked up Ben’s computer to it. I’m sitting in a living room chair, with my feet kicked up on a footrest, and a plank of wood as my keyboard/mouse pad.

It’s a new experience working in Illustrator while being as comfortable as I am now. I’m used to hunching over my 13″ macbook screen and zooming in and out. Squinting my eyes and shifting around in my chair to get the kinks out of my back. I do have to worry about falling asleep though. This chair is pretty comfy.

This is what I’m working on in Illustrator: Eggmoes!

My previous post contained some of the pieces. I took some out, and added a couple new pieces (mostly the multi-colored images). I’m pretty happy with the way these are turning out.

Soon I will make a quick post on the drawings I’m working on. Three large drawings! One about space. One about human animal. One about my trip to Florida. None of them are close to completion, but I wanted to show some progress.