How to be cool

My co-worker, Sam, found this on today. It’s GREAT.

Ways to be cool

Facade Projection

555 KUBIK | facade projection | from urbanscreen on Vimeo.

Three Cities, One Dance

We were all online and video chat seemed to be the only option. Did you know you can share pictures and videos via iChat? I (joel) DID NOT AND IT IS AMAZING! Also, we danced:

Also, we Photoshop’d our eyebrows off. Gross! Thank god we all have eyebrows. Don’t you think that Chance looks like Old Biff from Back to the Future 2?
No Eyebrows are GROSS
(Old Biff from Back to the Future 2)


Found this via Owen Dennis on Hello! Let Me Show You Something Sweet. Some of these aren’t perfect, but some are fuggin exact.

Communist Daughter – Not The Kid (live 4/18/09)


Hey Shambies, I found this ad on YouTube and I honestly can’t tell you what they want me to buy. Video game boobs in NY?

An open letter to Shambot

Bill Rude on The Crystal Skull

“I am considering calling child protective services for you not recognizing why Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull is DICK.” -Bill Rude

My friend Bill got a Facebook message from a friend of his asking why Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull was so, in her opinion, unfairly panned.

Bill’s response speaks for itself.

The Royal League of Bunnies

from Tiki Bar TV:

The Rules, collected.

I don’t want to post about Dr. Who

Lost = The Prisoner

Lost is an awful lot like The Prisoner, which started the late great Patrick McGoohan. They’re remaking The Prisoner with Ian McKellen as Number 2. Tiiiight.