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Have you seen If you have any interest in art and/or history you’ll like browsing through the site. Apparently it’s supposed to be a virtual art history text book, but completely free. Definitely worth a look.

Amazing Title Credits – Enter The Void

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the title credits are awesome and like nothing I’ve seen in a film before. Apparently the majority of the rest of the film is shot in first person POV which sounds interesting…

(If the beginning gets old just skip to about a minute in.)

Kinect on Mac

Kinect on Mac, originally uploaded by artgoeshere.

I recently got a Kinect for the Xbox BUT I hooked it up to my computer instead. So far I’ve done…. nothing with it.


Coming to IFC, Portlandia.

I Got Props

I love Picross, PicCross, Nonogram or Paint by Numbers, whatever you want to call it. I bought PixelCross on my phone maybe a month ago and really liked it but wished it had a mode without a timer for a “more relaxed” play. I left a review saying so and the dev totally added it! Not only that but it was at my suggestion and he specifically noted that!

I’m totally famous now.

(I don’t know why the picture is all squished, I did this from my phone)


Cache Rules Everything Around Me

Cache Rules Everything Around Me from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

Cute Boys Are Cute

Just video chattin’ with the boys the other night. They’re adorable.

(I didn’t draw those hearts in there, they just appeared.)

The Future is Amazing

And we’re living it right now.

Here’s why: (more…)

Scott Pilgrim Remix

Just in case you haven’t seen this yet: