Hey everything/one in Shambot-land.

I have a request. I have this feeling, since you all are cooler/more tech-savvy than I, that you all have these “twitter” things. WHAT THE HELL WEIRD. But anyways, John and I are trying to break into the world as Dude and Chick (that would be our establishment of stationery sweetness–www.dudeandchick.com) and now we have twitter. And Tumblr. Please follow us so I can follow you and John and I can have friends that aren’t weird porn spammy friends.



Also, comment to let me know your usernames and I can follow you too!




I am cool.

Did you see the new Vita.mn, on the rack until next Wednesday? OH WEIRD.
Actual text can be found here: http://vita.mn/story.php?id=16641991
I am super disappointed that my fashion prediction of cut off t-shirts and fanny packs was edited out of my interview, but you gotta take the good with the bad, I guess. THAT’S FASHION.


Well, hey there Shamby. This post is brought to you by the letter C, for Carrie Hartman.
And also the letter A, for AWESOME.
Without further ado, here is Holst: The Planets, transcribed direct from the manuscript generated by Miss Emma Trithart, Mr. William Ferenc, and Miss Katharine Wilson. During class hours. That we paid for. (more…)


Every time I look at Shambot, I am confronted with my inadequate performance in the breathtaking race to the most-post title, which I am constantly narrating in my brain when I see that little sidebar.
I’m coming for you, Angie. Even if every post on the way is as lame and half-assed as this one, I’m just saying.

Rest in peace, my smokin’ hot man.

Okay, this is possibly the most depressing thing to happen to me in recent memory. Remember this beautiful piece of brooding man candy?

Yes, me too. I remember the first time I saw Tom and Huck (and yes, I did indeed see it more than once) and the boy to catch my ever-so-diserning 9 year old eye was Mr. Renfro himself. Mmm, greasy haired rebel is so fantastic, don’t you think? Particularly when offset by the squeaky clean JTT. Sigh. Of course, he went on to fade into obscurity by taking vital roles in Ghost World and The Jacket, but no matter. I stood by him. And now, my man has greasy-rebelled himself straight into the great beyond. Brad, what about our wedding plans? What am I supposed to do now? THIS IS WHAT I’M LEFT WITH, WORLD:


He’s trying to brood, but it’s just not the same.

By the way….

I just read Shambot after a little hiatus, as my poor little laptop was at the doctor, getting fixed. (there is an apple a day joke in there somewhere, I just know it. But I can’t get there yet, as I just woke up.)

Anyhow, I was going to comment on a bunch of your individual posts, but instead, consider this entry one overarching comment.

I miss you guys SO MUCH. SO, SO much because you are my bestest ones and I love your faces to pieces. I’m telling you, the tiny purses almost pushed me over the edge.
Hearts, rainbows, ponies, and myself barfing in my mouth a bit because this is a sappy post obviously brought on by my mother forcing me to attend P.S I Love You with her yesterday, and therefore slightly destroying my cynical sarcasm gene (but don’t worry, it was very much still active in the theater),


p.s. I love you.

(I definitely just wrote this post so I could throw that gem in.)

put em up

If you’re still miserable this morning (at work) and slept through your alarm for the first time (ever) putcha hands up!

If you just dropped Michael Mott’s book he was checking out (oops) putcha hands up!

If you’re hoping Gregg doesn’t notice (but he probably does) putcha hands up!

if you love spelling things wrong because they sound so right putcha hands up!

If you only had three (Angie signature) drinks last night and you don’t remember much putcha hands up!

If you just got paid putcha hands up!

If you’re feeling better thanks to a bit of coffee putcha hands up!

WORD. You know what I’m sayin.

So, here I am, at work, reading Shambot, when I noticed that I have been conspicuously (or maybe not so much) absent from le posting. Well, here I am. Hurrah.
Here is my update, summarizing my 2-plus months of MIA in the blogging community:
-working at Lunalux next semester, where I will get my letterpress on. Cross fingers for fun.
-Still courting the sweet mistress Coffee, who has yet to do me wrong. Except for those nasty caffeine depravation headaches. Turns out Coffee has this partner in crime, Ibuprofen. Together they are unstoppable.
-Making lots of the arts. School has a way of coaxing that out of me. Check out all the lovely things emerging from my magical pencil here.
-Also, did I mention I wrote all the HTML, java and CSS for that there website? Thanks to the Anginator for her neverending patience and support.
-While we’re on the website topic, all you Shambotsters should take a gander at those “Clips and Phrases” pieces on the site (there’s a separate page that the thumbnail will take you to). I’ve got about 18 of those bad boys left from the art sale and you all have one coming your way for a Gradubirthmakus present if you so desire. I haven’t figured out which ones are gone yet, but I’m also keeping a few. However, I can make you another/get you a print if you’re feeling really strongly about the matter. Comment for dibs.
-I’ve got 95 pages of novelly goodness under my belt, and it’s all going to be revised by the end of next week. Over break, I’ve been instructed to get feedback from people who aren’t Margie McGee. I’m finishing it up next semester as part of my senior project, so it’s still very much in progress, but if you’re willing, please do make me aware of that fact.

I think that’s all. Words fail me. They’ve all been sucked into that unwieldy of a half-novel.

Well, kids, guess what time it is?

That’s right, it’s time for the Big List of Shit You Need to Know is Going On In My Life!

-Next week, the parentals are coming to town. For the first time EVER. All shambotsters are required to meet them. They have never read this blog (as far as I know–otherwise, hey Mom!) so never fear. Your reputation has been shaped only by my comments about you.

-I am learning XHTML for portfolio.net. And I actually like it. This is odd, and shaking all of my techie prejudices to the core. (The question “why DO I love Joel despite his geekly profession?” may have finally been answered.)

-Coffee is my new BFF. Friends ON, coffee! But coffee can’t hold me like you guys do, non-beverage friends. So I still love you, even though you are not piping hot and caffeinated and contained in a lovely mug.

-ANTM is rockin this round, mostly thanks to the Yalie (what are you doing, Connecticut? You are WAY outta yo league) and Miss Asperger poster child (who is allowing ANTM to be considered “research” for my novel that I’m writing for Margie). I only wish I had all my ladies to watch it with me, because I am physically unable to wait until Sunday. Luckily, Evan is pinch-hitting grand slams in the form of chili and curry. My kind of grand slam.

-I’m officially marking the beginning of post-graduation job search this weekend, as my portfolio is now all put together and pretty. Let the cover letter writing commence!

-I have lots of shit I should be doing that’s not posting on Shambot. I should go do that.

I think I will.

The All-too-Familiar Conversation

Oh–hi there, Shambot! No, I didn’t see you ….yeah, you look totally different! It hasn’t been that long, has it? Really? Man. Did you lose weight? Been working out? Huh. Must be the lighting.

So how have you been? Me? Well, you know, busy. That’s why I haven’t called. It’s been hectic. But good, character building. What–oh, har har. Yes, this coffee is the size of my head. I was going to try meth, but this was cheaper and I have sensitive nostrils. Actually, it’s free at the ‘brary and the greeting card company, and I can make it as strong as I want. Sort of like my own personal dealer –who always gives me the best cut.

Here, could you hold my bag for a second? Let me get your number…where’s my phone? God, this purse is a disaster. Okay, what is it again? Eight-six-oh–shit. I can’t do this when my hands are shaking. No, I don’t want to switch to tea. I do tea, just not as often. That’s how you found your chi? Well, good for you. I prefer to double team my caffeine fix. No loyalties here (or chi, for that matter).

Okay, I better be going if I’m going to get to class. Yeah, we’ll do lunch or something. I’m pretty busy this weekend, but maybe next.

Good to see you, Shamby! Call me!