My turn

So, I have to remind you that I am no artist or anything like that, but I here by throw my hat into the ring of beer bottle lables. I don’t have a scanner so I just took a picture, but please give me good feedback (or bad feed back… really I’ll take whatever).

Here you go! De-Lightful Beer.

I’m Jealous

So, I wish I lived in Minnesota right now, because I just found out the coolest thing ever.

Are you ready for this?

Al Franken is runing for the US Senate in Minnesota! How crazy is that?

┬áHere’s his website

You should check it out.


Okay, so some of you know that I was in a local movie filmed in Iowa City this year. It’s… um… well lets just say I did it for the experiance and let me tell you… it was an experiance. We filmed it in a hotel room over three nights. The running joke is of course that I am with four other men in a hotel room making a movie… yup. The trailer was just uploaded and I think it explains the plot much, much better than I could ever. I hope that by watching this you’ll understand why I’ve had such a problem explaining it.

Yes it’s coming out on DVD, no I’m not letting you people see it.

Swinging Good Times

So, some of you might not know me. My name is Maggie and I’m one of the Iowa kids. I’ve been around since pretty much this sucker began, but since I haven’t had anything really interesting to talk about I haven’t felt inclined to post. I still don’t have too much to say, but I guess I have the courage to write something anyways.

Now I’ve noticed that everyone who posts is way cool and talented at somthing really nifty. I’m afraid that I can’t draw or paint or take pictures or speak Japanese or get really cool internships, but the one thing I do have some aptitude for is Swing Dance. That’s right kiddo’s I am a swinger. I just started last semester but have somehow managed to get myself on the preforming/competeing team for Iowa. I have to tell you I’m not the greatest, but I certainly know how to have a blast while sucking. For example, I managed to go to Chicago this weekend to attend the Annual Swinger’s Ball X at the fabulous Willowsprings Ballroom and while there I decided with a friend of mine to try to enter a huge swing competition. I have to tell you that my partner nor I are very experienced. In fact, we kinda suck. But we tried our hardest, unfortunatly our hardest involved falling down in the first phrase of the song. I wish I could upload a picture of what we looked like as we made complete asses of ourselves, but I can upload my favorite picture of the night: