We’re all fans of weird CAPTCHA phrases, and recently a high school favorite, Something Awful had a Photoshop Phriday (using MSPaint though..) where folks illustrated their own favorite phrases. Lots of gems.

I know you know Twilight and Harry Potter

Got a package from Tim, and one of the comics had this great ad:

Twilight is out.

Twilight is out.

Not sure how this surefire classic book series went under our radars. I heard they’re working on LOLWARRIORZ, too!

Stack ‘em, Stacker!

Bill on Stacker from Steven Ross on Vimeo.

A great roadtrip companion.

The Party Animal. from Steven Ross on Vimeo.

Music by: Lyle Roundtree

You’ll appreciate this. *updated with good picture

New picture added. Now you can actually see it!

If you have an iPhone. (more…)

License and registration plz kthx.

I’m pretty sure all of you were at some point made aware of Bluescrn Apparel. It’s no Threadless, we’re not super-rich, but it deserves a second mention at this point. I redesigned the whole site, and more importantly, Bill’s new design was added, and that deserves a lot of shine. I really, really like it! (It was finding it on your site, Bill, that got me to rework the site.)
Take a look… order one! If anyone else wants to submit a design, please feel free. We aren’t offering much compensation (outside of a free shirt of said design), but hey, why not?

Once you’re ready, take a look at some car crash pictures that were meant for Tim’s last post. (We can’t decipher how to add more authors. Incompetence? You be the judge.)

Congrats to everyone graduating. Do it big!

Thanksgiving Disco v. 2

This may look familiar, but it’s not the same as the last post I made!
After listening to my last version, it was clear it was more of a sketch for a mix rather than a final piece. I went back, put in a few more hours and now I’d like to present the final version:

The tracklisting is same, but everything’s been tightened up and polished. I’m very satisfied with this mix now, and I hope some of you will be too. Except Pat, because he’s too hung up on Soulja Boy.


  1. KOTU – Come Back Home (Krazyfiesta Remix)
  2. Rocker’s Revenge – Sunshine
  3. Billy Ocean – Night (Feel Like Getting Down) (Ayres Edit)
  4. Michael Jackson – Burn This Disco Out
  5. Norman Conners – Once I’ve Been There
  6. Marvin Gaye – Got To Give It Up, Pt. 1
  7. Thel Beatty – I Know You Care
  8. Deodato – Keep It In The Family
  9. Chromeo – Opening Up (Ce Soir On Danse)
  10. Amira – My Desire (Bugz Full Phunk Mix)
  11. Domu – Ain’t No Girl
  12. Moodyman – Sueno Martino
  13. Build An Ark – You’ve Gotta Have Freedom (J-Rocc Remix)
  14. Jackson 5 – What You Don’t Know (Eli Edit)
  15. Teddy Pendergrass – The More I Get, The More I Want
  16. Kool & The Gang – Fresh
  17. Daft Punk – Face To Face
  18. Architecture in Helsinki – Like a Call (Jeremy Dower Remix)
  19. Alan Braxe – Love Lost
  20. Kanye West – Flashing Lights (Illo’s Clubhouse Edit)

43 minutes – Get it HERE

If you do listening, let me know what you think! Share it with your friends, and maybe even some family may enjoy. There’s a distinct lack of rap music in this, so it’s family approved. It’s rock solid!
Enjoy your thanksgiving Shamboters.

Some neat things.

Good things from the past few weeks: (more…)

I need a job.

It’s true.

I’ll be graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design. I was thrust into the program unexpectedly by having too many hours in the School of Art. (Originally I was just going to get my BA).

One of the requirements was to have a show. Or be part of one at least, hence the invitation you in Iowa had recieved. The opening is tonight and I’ve got a handful of pieces up at the UISD Show, up until the 29th.

For those of you who refuse to go (God Bless America), or can’t make it, I’ve posted my three favorite pieces!



A little late…

But hey, it was a character builder.

Took us over 6 months, but Tim and I finally got Wiis. We went at 4:45am Sunday morning and were first in line at Best Buy. There were colorful characters and lots of dead time. Damn, we got there like two-some hours before we really had to. And now it seems Nintendo will be ramping up production. Great.

However, it was very satisfying to be there at 9:55 when all these other people showed up. Very satisfying.

So, Joel, share your ID number or whatever with us. Then we can… send messages?

WIISPLOSION. Next up I’ll probably get some Wiimote chargers and Monkey Ball. Allyson will even play this with me. Wooh.