Not a beer label.

I commited but didn’t get around to it. My apologies to myself.
Spring Break is near over for us in Iowa City, and despite not having class, it feels like I had less time than usual. I’ve spent the last few days updating Allyson’s website though. Fellow artists, have a look:
More pieces to be added sometime here. Allyson is always working on new pieces it would seem!

A Formal Introduction to Steve Blank

Most of the time when people find out I DJ, they don’t know what that means. In lieu of this, I’ve worked hard a created what, at the moment, is the mix I am proudest of and a good way for people to find out what being a DJ does.



The John Woo

Short & Delicious

…like your last trip to McDonalds.

I’ve got some new stuff to share and show. Most importantly, my girlfriend’s new website (that I’m building and maintaining): Check it out!

And the other little diddy is just as exciting…


New art

…for the most part.

Napkin of dreams.


Kim Hau I presume?

File this under F, for foolish.



Happy New Year Shambot. In our part of the world, things went very well.

Find out more! (Including an mp3 of our own Joel on the MIC!)


King Lazers

To follow up the post from Joel, I thought I’d share a revelation from this morning at work so far. I had to make an image of a machine in a lab to re-image the one next to it. The process takes a few hours, and I run up and down checking on it. So… since we have a few iSights sitting around (3 of which still shrink-wrapped), I took one upstairs, created a dummy AIM account, hooked the iSight up to the Power Mac next to the target, pointed the iSight at said monitor, and now can remotely watch the progress and see when it’s done.
I’m pretty happy with myself.
iSight Laziness

Add “abw228isighttest” to your buddies for a REAL lively chat.

Take your pick v.2.0.1