Words and Phrases That May or May Not Have Left My Mouth or be on Urbandictionary.com

I recognize that from time to time, I don’t make any sense. I just start rambling and making up weird shit for laffs. Sometimes, though, I stumble on lil’ gold mines (the all-time high score belongs to SHAMBOT!). Here are a few of my semi-recent favorites, and if you’ve got any, I’d love to hear about them! (more…)

Nerd Alert! Promo

If you’re super bored and want to see our new 30 second promo ad produced by our friend Evan Meaney, go here!

I get beaten a lot on this show.  It’s cool though.

Let’s go to Denny’s. I feel like throwing up.

Apparently I wrote and published this (privately) on 12-15-2006.  That’s a long time ago, and just serves to remind me how old ol’ Sbot! is. In the sake of transparency, I’m re-posting it.

Let’s take a trip back, long, long ago. Before Einstein, before the dinosaurs. Let’s go back to the night Shambot was born. . . (more…)

THAT girl.

I’m sure we’ve all been there before. There’s that one kooky person in class who just fascinates and horrifies you like watching a car accident in slow motion. Be it the person who can’t help but wear Lisa Frank inspired blazers, or the guy who comes to class, falls asleep and begins snoring.  Well friends, I have a winner for you. (more…)



I don’t even know what to say.

Credit to PWWTKT.COM!

Quickie from the NYT!

While keeping fresh with the day to day news grind, I stumbled upon this!nyclego

Adorable (and quite clever) Abstract Lego Art depicting NYC!

Thanks New York Times!

Secret Twins?

Katie suggested to me yesterday (after a friend told her), that infact, I am a duplicate of psuedo-super celebrity Christian Slater.  I’m not really sure if I see it, but I know this for a fact: we’re both super famous for our terrible Jack Nicholson impersonations.  Only one of us gets paid for it, however. (more…)

A touch of winter ennui. For you, and for me.

Winter is chilly.  I’ve come to accept that as fact.

My house, while inexpensive, and awesomely close to downtown, is kinda crappy.  I’ve come to accept that as fact.

Sometimes though, the chilly and the crappy get together and make everything real poopy.  I’m not ready to accept that yet.

Three days ago, the pipes in my kitchen froze.  No big deal, no dishes for a few days until they thaw out.  But it got COLDER, not warmer, and now we’ve no kitchen, and as of this morning, no showers to be taken.  No sinks to wash post-doodie-hands in, and possibly very soon, no doodie-pot to flush.  I’m scared everyone.  I’m ever so scared.

Yesterday the landlord called me to tell me to leave the water on at just above a trickle, to keep the kitchen pipes from freezin’.  Such a well timed communique as they had already frozen two days prior. Now I’ve got to call him back to beg for help to save my precious hot showers.  Oy.

*SUNDAY UPDATE* Y’all, I got fussy baby syndrome. I gots it bad.


Ok, I’m gonna hop online at 2pm this afternoon, and then shenanigans can commence! I’ll collect everyone who’s on into a party, where all of us can chat at once? Creepy? MAYBE! Fun? I HOPE SO.

Games to be played?  Here are my ideas:

Puzzle Fighter 2 HD

Halo 3 (I assume most of us have this disc)

Castle Crashers

Gears of War 2/Rock Band 2 (Assuming anyone has it?)

If you guys know of a fun multiplayer game over the market place that’s 10$ or less I’m happy to pick it up in the name of good times.  Maybe Super Street Fighter 2 HD?  I dunno.

Drop me a line if you’ve any Q’s, and I’ll see you guys on the megawebs later today!


Wah wah wah.  I’m a fussy baby.  Nothin’ goes the way I wants it to.  EVER.




So, the New Xbox Experience is officially out, and we can now be blessed with miis er, Avatars!  I wanna see what you guys look like! Even though I know what you look like.

Here’s the new mii, I mean me!

Its like, totally a sweet Mii.

Pretty ok.  Also, one of the many new features is the “Party” mode, where 8 accounts can join up to chat and play games, which I would like to do.  Very much.  Is there a good time over the next week for fun, maybe some games?  DID YOU HEAR ME? FUN! GAMES!

Also, I just found out I got into law school.  A year late, maybe, but law school none the less.  HOORAY MORE LOANS.