Coffee, Comics, Crackdown, and Living in Sin.

Those four things sum up my summer so far.

I’m working a lot at Java House, reading and buying assanine amounts of comic books (in addition to working on a new project of my own), Getting addicted to the game Crackdown, and living happily with my GF. Here’s a little bit about each:
So I have this manager named Travis. He’s very cool, but for a long time I thought he was gay because of many of his mannerisms. I’m not alone in this observation, Tim had a few classes with him and thought the same thing. However, it turns out that he has a wife. I thought this more or less closed the book on his sexuality. That is, until I worked with him yesterday. Our conversation went like this:

Travis: Sam, lemme tell you something that I have learned, so you don’t get disappointed when you get to be my age. [He’s only like, 24] Don’t fall in love with the bad boys, they’ll only break your heart.

Sam: But I’m just not interested in all of those “good” boys!!

Travis: [Deep Sigh] You and me both.

I thought it was quite a sweet moment.

Oh so so so many comics. I have almost doubled my collection since summer began. I have also been spending more time in the library than a homeless person in january. Right now I am really into Transmetropolitan, I think the idea of making a nutty, Hunter S. Thompson-esque journalist the savior of a dystopic futureworld is humblingly brilliant. I am also loving Garth Ennis’s Punisher. The Punisher is one of my favorite super-heroes, but I still can’t figure out why. I am also reading AKIRA, in an attempt to start getting into manga (at least, Manga that isn’t insipidly stupid, and written for 7th graders.)


In the past, I have always treated Video Games the same I treat heavy drinking. It is something that is only appropriate when done with friends. That is until Emma bought the X-Box three-six-oh and I got i addicted to Crack. Down, that is. I know it had changed the way my brain works when I put the controller down, started walking to work, and planning which rooftops I would jump to if the Volk drove up and started attacking. I decided that once I gained some height and distance, I would use my last rocket to detonate the gas tank of their van. I also decided it was time to take a break from the x-box.


Living with Emma is pretty great, especially since she works days and I work nights. A lot of days, the only time we get together is the four hours of sleep that we have in common. It’s kind of like that movie Ladyhawk, with Mathew Broderick. Where this dude turns into a wolf at night, and this chick turns into a Hawk in the daytime, so they are doomed to never get it on. 

Comments (6) left to “Coffee, Comics, Crackdown, and Living in Sin.”

  1. patrick wrote:

    Emma bought a 360? COOL!

  2. Tim wrote:

    Dudez, sweet Ladyhawk refference! Like, OMG, I have so much sweet manga for you to readz. Like Pokeman Jotoro Journey! Like, Pikachu get’s TB and Ash has to kill him with his bare hands, but it’s so sad, and then Brock reveals that Pikachu didn’t have no TB, just hay fever.

  3. Emma wrote:

    I need to see Ladyhawk now.

  4. Emma B. wrote:

    What Sam doesn’t tell you is that he’d give me up all together in order to be able to turn into a wolf at night and play crackdown all day.

    I am just the vessel that delivers his incredibly nerdy (albeit adorable)dreams into some semblance of life… :)

    Sam- You’re welcome.

  5. Sam wrote:

    We are in luck, my folks owns it, and I would like to see it again too!

  6. Emma Barnum wrote:

    Sam is a silly billy.