Best Geek Show Forever

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Tim and myself are primed to start production on a new monthly video project. It will take the form of a panel discussion show, however, our show is going to be dedicated to topics that fall into the category of “nerdliness.” I.E. Comic books, Video Games, and Cult films. Basically stuff that is nerdy, but not too nerdy, I.E. Dagorhir, D&D, LARPing, WOW. Y’know, stuff that only losers do. ;) Anyway, it’s gonna be about fifteen minutes of six panelists discussing various current event(s) in nerdom, and what we think of them. Our first show is going to be done in october, and fittingly we will be discussing Rob Zombie’s upcoming Halloween remake, and the ways in which horror films have changed and gotten huge recently, specifically remakes.

Anyway, in addition to premiering on UITV in october, we hope to post this episode on Shambot as soon as it’s completed.

Now is the part where you guys come in. Tim and I have not thought of a really snappy name for the show yet, so I thought I would make an open call for suggestions from the Shamboteers. Here are some of the ones we’ve come up with so far:

Nerd Chat with Tim & Sam
Geek Speak with Tim & Sam
Geek Chic with Tim & Sam
Nerd Words with Tim & Sam
The McCoy Group
Socially Awkward with Tim & Sam

Comments (8) left to “Best Geek Show Forever”

  1. Allison wrote:

    I think i feel most favorable towards “Socially Awkward with Tim and Sam” because its less obvious than the rhyming ones. Although those are also good. Good Luck!

  2. Allison wrote:

    PS i think you need to remove one of the posts. There are two. And they are the same???

  3. Sam wrote:

    Oooops! FIXED.

  4. Emma wrote:

    DEFINITELY Socially Awkward with Tim and Sam.


  5. Ben wrote:

    Socially Awkward with Tim and Sam.

    for sure.

  6. pat wrote:

    What about Avant Geek or Avant Nerd? You could choose based on whether you alliteration or slant rhymes. You guys are on the front edge of nerd culture. I disapprove of Socially Awkward with Tim and Sam, because (grinnell’s) Lindsay had a collumn in the newspaper of the same name. Plus it really doesn’t explain the show or what you guys are trying to do. Deedee and I agree Geek Chic is the best of the choices given!

  7. Bill wrote:

    I like Patrick’s suggestion of Avant Geek, maybe Avant-Geek? It makes me think you are going to change the way people think about the topics you are going to chat about, or at least see them in a different light. Socially Awkward kind of seems like an insult. I think that comics, games, and movies are ways to share conversations and interact more than they ever have been… maybe?

  8. Allison wrote:

    hmmmm. I do like Avant-Geek. Which literally means, “front-geek” or “geekfront.” Huh, “Geek Front with Tim and Sam…” Ill have to think about that. But I agree with bill that it makes it seem like your ahead of the game, and trying to change the way people think of geeks, or geekly-things.