Well, kids, guess what time it is?

That’s right, it’s time for the Big List of Shit You Need to Know is Going On In My Life!

-Next week, the parentals are coming to town. For the first time EVER. All shambotsters are required to meet them. They have never read this blog (as far as I know–otherwise, hey Mom!) so never fear. Your reputation has been shaped only by my comments about you.

-I am learning XHTML for portfolio.net. And I actually like it. This is odd, and shaking all of my techie prejudices to the core. (The question “why DO I love Joel despite his geekly profession?” may have finally been answered.)

-Coffee is my new BFF. Friends ON, coffee! But coffee can’t hold me like you guys do, non-beverage friends. So I still love you, even though you are not piping hot and caffeinated and contained in a lovely mug.

-ANTM is rockin this round, mostly thanks to the Yalie (what are you doing, Connecticut? You are WAY outta yo league) and Miss Asperger poster child (who is allowing ANTM to be considered “research” for my novel that I’m writing for Margie). I only wish I had all my ladies to watch it with me, because I am physically unable to wait until Sunday. Luckily, Evan is pinch-hitting grand slams in the form of chili and curry. My kind of grand slam.

-I’m officially marking the beginning of post-graduation job search this weekend, as my portfolio is now all put together and pretty. Let the cover letter writing commence!

-I have lots of shit I should be doing that’s not posting on Shambot. I should go do that.

I think I will.

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  1. Evan wrote:

    crap. i’m only lukewarm in a cup! always second best, this guy.

  2. Katie wrote:

    Oh man, I’m slipping. The Katie Wilson I knew would never miss a chance for a jockstrap joke. I dropped the ball on that one. (Ha! Balls! Cup! I still got it.)

  3. Emma wrote:

    I AM SO JEALOUS. I wish I could be there for fantastic ANTM dinners. Thanks a lot, Children’s Theatre. Thanks for being the devil in the form of tiny and adorable things.

  4. Alex wrote:

    I’m glad they’re teaching you XHTML instead of HTML. I never could stand HTML cause its like “If you wanna parse me, you better put a ring on my finger.” Whereas XHTML is slut-o. This is good when you’re a document format.