hello kitty!

I’ll just go ahead and say it, Emma (my girlfriend) ADOPTED A KITTEN!

She is black with white paws, a white tipped tale, a white belly and a white stripe on her face.

She is 8 weeks old and tiny and precious beyond belief! Her name is Moxie, and she already has like twenty nicknames, including Moxie-tron, and Moxiemillian.

We were gonna try and adopt one of Ben’s farm kitties, but we couldn’t find any of them when we got there. However, by that time, we had gotten kitty-fever, and just had to have one. Therefore, Emma went to Petsmart and adopted a Kitty from an unplanned domestic litter.

I thought it was especially funny that Emma chose the name she did, because that used to be our nickname for Malcolm.

Anyway, Pictures to come!

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