gRADuate school!

Hey Shambies. Sorry it’s been so long! I am now in the process of applying to Graduate school! It’s a lot of work, but hopefully it will be worth it!

Anyways, I saw this today on BOiNGBOiNG, so sorry if you guys all read that blog too. But basically, congress added a line to the Higher Education Reauthorization Bill that states if colleges must police the downloads of it’s students with strict consequences for copyright infringement AND provide it’s students with DRM alternatives like Napster and Ruckus if they want to receive federal financial aid for their students. It’s pretty disturbing that the policy will punish the poorest of the nation’s students unless the college becomes lackeys of the RIAA. Granted it’s not passed yet, but I’m waiting for the amendment to the bill that outlaws libraries from loaning out copyrighted material.

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  1. Chance wrote:

    Check to see if your any of your congresspeople are on the Education and Labor Committee. I’m pretty sure that’s the committee it’ll be referred to. Might as well try to kill that section in committee. However, it’s so insanely stupid, I’m sure there’ll be a debate on it on the floor. I don’t think it’ll last. Keep in mind, bills go through a lot of revision before presentation and a mandate this dumb will probably get canned. However, to make sure, it’s important to call/email/write your Reps and tell them not to support it.

  2. Tim wrote:

    Dude, I was watching American Gangster last night, and when I saw Russell Crowe in law school, I had a minor panic attack. Then I fell down and got boobooed. Craziness.

  3. Emma wrote:

    Thank god I am an artist. I don’t even have to do grad school if I don’t feel the need. And if I do, it will be tons of fun.

    Also, that is scary, but it sounds like Chance knows what he’s talking about?