if you thought random rape in Hometown, USA was bad…

check out this story

I am disgusted to be a US citizen, the enforcer of the free market…

If anyone is having trouble making an argument to a libertarian, look no further. It seems nothing can be done about these KBR assholes.

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  1. Timmy wrote:

    Wow. I find it interesting that the corps are really good at pushing cases to private arbitration. REALLY INTERESTING.

  2. Katie (Jones) wrote:

    That is so disturbing. They kept her in a box and guarded it? What the fuck? It makes me wonder how much sexual assault goes unreported within those contractor areas. I mean, this happened two years ago and consequences have yet to be brought; who knows who else those men have raped or what other horrible things have occured, all under the idea that they are somehow out of the reach of the law in a place where “boys will be boys.” I don’t know how they or the higher-ups trying to cover this up are able to sleep at night.

  3. Brock wrote:

    Well…I was reading on dailykos.com, someone who posted did some research into it, contacted the doctor who did the rape kit on her…the doctor had trouble identifying the specific victim because she had so many american contractors turning up for rape… pretty shady business.