I finished all my Graduate School Applications! Just in time for school to start! Hooray.

Here’s some Eye Candy courtesy of Bad Astronomy. Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2007. Be sure to look at the full resolution pictures. Amazing! Also fun fact: we have more accurate maps of the surface of Mars than we do of the ocean floor. Effing crazy!

P.S. My favorite picture is a toss up between Number 5, 4 and 1. They are all so cool!

Comments (2) left to “GOOD NEWS!”

  1. Emma wrote:

    AWESOME, that picture of dark matter is so FRICKIN SWEET!!! I’ve never seen dark matter before….

    oddly enough, one of my favorite Andrew Bird songs is called “Dark Matter”, and I think the sound of the song fits the photo quite well!

  2. Tim wrote:

    Just to be fussy, I’m going to say that there’s no such thing as dark matter.

    We just don’t know anything about gravity. I mean. It’s like a magnet right? Yeah.