work is surprisingly fun!!

So, in my post-graduation state of ‘damaged goods – you break it, you buy it’ I am actually feeling really fantastic about things right now!  some of my projects:

Push Institute –  I made this website! (sorta) – admire for its crazy programing tools that I continue to fix, update and add (try to sign-up for the mailing list on the home page, just try it!!). Still working on making it more attractive.  I am officially the Operations Manager now, I handle all of the systems integration, tech and interns for the office, jeez, its cool!  I also learned how to connect to our office mac-mini from outside of our network.  that was cool too.

MCAD – Scholastics is almost over here, you can see all of the student work up in the concourse gallery.  While we’ve been dealing with our region, I have been doing a lot of testing and help for the national office, which may result in a week trip to NYC in March to work, and possibly more after that, to re-make the system that runs the website (neato!)

Also starting a project here to design a CRM (contact relationship management) system, which will be huge/fantastic/exciting & I will learn a lot!

SES is picking up, have the first few meetings this week.  Haley Bonar will be our Artist for the media section.

So, the last exciting thing is that I’ll be going to London in about 10 days for a little vacation/grad gift/friend visit.  Going to be an adventure with the wrist, but well, I don’t really care, it’s going to rock!

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  1. Emma wrote:

    I’m frickin’ excited about Haley Bonar. If she goes missing it is because I have kidnapped her and will be grilling her about what it was like to work with Andrew Bird.