I’m not sure what to make of this yet…


The rest are at http://rss.warnerbros.com/watchmen/

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I guess they look ok… maybe a little schumacher-esque… The only one that I flat out do not like is Ozymandias. Also, where’s Doc Manhattan?

While I am fairly confident this will be the worst bastardization of Alan Moore ever, Dave Gibbons is reportedly really excited about the project, and thinks it’s going to be done really well. Also, when you think about it, 300 was one of the most faithful adaptations of any comic other than sin city, and Snyder is going to use the Graphic novel as a storyboard, just like has been done with those two movies. AND, black freighter is going to be included as a DVD feature. However, Frank Miller is much easier to adapt to film than Alan Moore ever will be.

And there is still the fact that Snyder is taking one of the greatest, most complex and intensely pessimistic novels ever and trying to make it into a summer blockbuster in the same vein as 300. I mean, honestly, 300 and watchmen are about as far from each other as super-hero comics get. We’ll see.


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  1. Tim wrote:

    I’m really “meh” on the whole charade. Some costumes aren’t bad, such as Rorschach (but honestly, that’s not terribly difficult), some aren’t so great Ozymandius? (Wow.) The Schumacher-esque nature of some of these costumes is troubling, but we’ll see about the presentation. Does anyone know if they’re going to keep it as a period piece?

    HOWEVER it turns out, “You’ll try to make me go and see it, but my expectations are LOW, LOW, LOW.”

    Ah, a trite Amy Winehouse joke. Lolz will assuredly ensue.

  2. patrick wrote:

    I agree, except I hate all the costumes. I think it works better if they are more traditional 70’s style costumes. I am sure the movie will be horrible but unfortunately I am like 99% sure I will go see it. =[

  3. ben wrote:

    I had no idea they were this far into production! I’m really not crazy about those costumes. They’re too “cool”, you know? It makes it look like it’s going to be an action movie, which Watchmen really should not be. I’m actually sort of curious as to how they’re going to try and make it an action movie…

    I’ll see it, damn it.