Hey all, do you guys realize how effing crazy the Austin, TX apartment scene is? Deedee and I keep seeing places we want to grab but by the time we get more information they are already gone. We actually got around to sending a deposit and application into a place and we were beat by 30 minutes, even though the guy said he would wait for ours! So we are back where we started. Right now we are looking at a place in South Congress, fingers crossed!

Anyways, I am super busy (as I sure you all are as well) these last two weeks, and since I’m trying to get a presentation on Ozu ready for Thursday, plus the millions of other things. Our titular head submission showed pretty poorly. The sound system was all messed up so you couldn’t hear anything at all, and that definitely hurt us. We lost to a remake of Fatboy Slim’s Weapons of Choice music video with popular dining hall celebrity Lyle doing his best Christopher Walken. I’m still proud of the movie although I think we over-edited it and kind of threw away a lot of our gags. At the same time, those were conscious choices we made so even if they were the wrong choices at least it was on purpose. Here’s the Vimeo link. (updated since the youtube looked so crappy)

Picnic (How to Cook Man Meat) from Morgan Wajda-Levie on Vimeo

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  1. Tim wrote:

    This looks a lot better than when I first saw it, subsequently, I have to agree, the music you guys went for really added a lot.

  2. Bill wrote:

    Hey. I want to visit when you are in Austin. Is that possible? When are you going to be there?

    OMG ROAD TRIP. Can we do it? A Minnesota/Iowa multiple car journey. Keep this in mind.