License and registration plz kthx.

I’m pretty sure all of you were at some point made aware of Bluescrn Apparel. It’s no Threadless, we’re not super-rich, but it deserves a second mention at this point. I redesigned the whole site, and more importantly, Bill’s new design was added, and that deserves a lot of shine. I really, really like it! (It was finding it on your site, Bill, that got me to rework the site.)
Take a look… order one! If anyone else wants to submit a design, please feel free. We aren’t offering much compensation (outside of a free shirt of said design), but hey, why not?

Once you’re ready, take a look at some car crash pictures that were meant for Tim’s last post. (We can’t decipher how to add more authors. Incompetence? You be the judge.)

Congrats to everyone graduating. Do it big!

Comments (4) left to “License and registration plz kthx.”

  1. Tim wrote:

    Just ordered a shirt AND realized I look real fussy in that picture. Even more than I thought! Must be the shirt. Has to be. OH WHAT A DAY!

  2. Katie (Jones) wrote:

    Those pictures are terrifying! I didn’t realize just how close that car came to hitting your car/the gas tank. I’ve never appreciated those concrete barricades more than I do now.

  3. Katie (Jones) wrote:

    Oh and I forgot to mention to mention that the website looks awesome! And I am a fan of Bill’s new shirt (as well as his previous one).

  4. Bill wrote:

    I can’t believe how close that car was! Too, too close. On a more positive note, the website looks great. Yes! I really hope it starts to get some attention.

    Umm, I want that new shirt. I don’t want to seem arrogant or anything but I like that design! Steve, is it possible for me to get a complimentary shirt? Maybe?