“The Dumbest Generation”

I am sure I am just preaching to the choir here, but I get really annoyed with people like this get book deals. The Dumbest Generation. The thing that annoys me the most is that I don’t believe that Americans are getting dumber rather that having a unmediated totally democratic medium to express oneself has given less educated people more visibility. I feel the reason that it is disproportionally younger “stupid” people who use the internet to express themselves because older “stupid” people can’t figure it out. I personally think that cranky old men already have enough visibility and power in this country, with one currently a presidential nominee. Do we really need them to write books that boil down to “Get off my lawn! Crazy teenagers with your videa-games and interwebs!”

Comments (3) left to ““The Dumbest Generation””

  1. Alex wrote:

    From my experience, what most sub-par students lack, and what most employers are looking for, is the ability to work well with others. Furthermore, what the “old generations” often forget, is that the ability to gain more knowledge has become more important than the actual knowledge one possesses. Social networking and familiarity with the internet (yes, even Wikipedia) is an extraordinary means to do this. I could ask any “young person”, and any “old person”, what the proper syntax of an SQL Insert statement is. The old person would say “Ask a programmer” and the young person would say “get me Google”.

  2. Timmy wrote:

    Is it a bad sign that when I read the last section of Alex’s post I instantly agreed with “Ask a programmer”? I mean, I know like 2… OH god. I am old. Also anyone else, do you feel like you use the internet? Do you feel individuated from the traditional political spectrum? If so can I interview you?

  3. Ninth wrote:

    I am a programmer, and I would probably google it just to make sure. It is faster to google it than it is to write it twice if I made a mistake.