Google OS?

Not quite, but I think that that’s what Google is moving towards, with it’s new application Google Chrome. Now I’m not normally a techie guy, but I thought the way they introduced the product to the world was pretty cool (see the link above.)

I guarantee you the driving force behind this program is Google’s dissatisfaction with the way current browsers (firefox, ie, etc.) don’t give web apps the same benefits that local apps have. I don’t think it will happen, but Google’s betting that someday iTunes, Word, and maybe even Final Cut Pro will be web apps.

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  1. Joel wrote:

    We were talking about this today at work! I agree that current browsers aren’t optimized for a true “web app” experience. Hopefully Google’s new browser will be able to showcase that way of thinking.

    Also, any one recognize the art of the linked comic? If you guessed good ol’ Scott McCloud, you’d be right!

  2. patrick wrote:

    Yeah, I dunno about google chrome. I really want them to make a decent Linux version of the app, and it seems like they might. To be honest though, I’m pretty happy with firefox especially considering some of the really cool extensions that are out there. If google manages to compete on that level I will definitely give it a try.

  3. Allison wrote:

    Ha! I was just reading this in the paper today at work (great job again, Scott McCloud)! I think its gonna take them awhile to get it just right, but it sounds AWESOME. It is supposed to be able to compete with Microsoft’s new IE (which itself, is supposed to be AWESOME). So we will see. Thanks google!