I made a library of cute/funny facial features and vectorized them for the purpose of making non-cute objects cute. This is just version one (very rough), but this is about what they would look like and everyone would be able to use it this easily.

oh, btw, joel, I stole your pics

Comments (6) left to “cuties”

  1. Emma wrote:

    ha! make sure you include a monocle. I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason my Alter Ego set sold on YWFT. MONOCLES. THEY ARE THE FUTURE.

  2. Emma wrote:

    p.s. my favorite is all the sparklepopcorn

  3. Joel wrote:

    Before Ben can get all up in my face the middle picture is HIS! AND I STOLE IT, MWAHHAHAAH!!

    But seriously these are awesome, plz do more.

  4. Allison wrote:

    i want to put a face on soup.

  5. Ben wrote:

    That is my picture, there in the middle. Also, my breakfast.

  6. Tim wrote:

    Dude, Ben. That middle one totally looks like one of the pictures you would take.

    Not like that filthy Joel, who only takes photos. ALL THE TIME.

    Also, one of those popcorns wants to die. In a big way.