This is the story of what may be…

I just launched the blog of my next personal project. Odds are, you got the info on facebook, but just in case, I’m putting together an anthology of stories about the future of our planet. I want everyone to submit or tell someone else to submit, but preferably both. It’s not just a comics anthology, I am pretty much accepting anything that tells a story. It’s gonna be a big project and I’m really counting on you guys to help me out with some phenominal stuff. Let me know if you plan to submit or if you can’t think of anything so i can help you brainstorm. Go to the blog for more information:

A Future History of the Planet Earth

Comments (4) left to “This is the story of what may be…”

  1. Emma wrote:

    is there a due date for this thing? i might have an idea.

  2. Evan wrote:

    right now I was thinking some time in January so people could do it while they are celebrating the holidayz, but i could always lengthen it or shorten it at a moment’s notice.

  3. Tim wrote:

    Is this a fictional collection, non-fiction? I’d be interesting in doing a super short essay styled fiction piece maybe something with Sam if he’s down.

  4. Tim wrote:

    Ha. Just read over the site. Sounds cool. Ne’er mind the previous post.