fun with fonts: funt

A couple of font-related goodies:

Periodic Table of the Fontements

Have patience with this one, it will pay off.

Watch Font Conference on CollegeHumor

Comments (4) left to “fun with fonts: funt”

  1. Emma wrote:

    NICE. I love those dudes.

    Except I’m pretty sure Century Gothic would not be a goth. BUT ITS FUNNY ANYWAY I SWEAR I GET THE JOKE.

  2. Alex wrote:

    Yeah, a lot of them were too literal. Wingdings was hilarious though.

  3. Allison wrote:

    yes. i was thinking that they were all too literal until they got to comic sans, which you only get probably if you read comics (good job!), and then wingdings. “MAILBOX, OPEN MAILBOX.” I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING AT THAT ONE.

    ps: recaptcha is “june reckoning.” i hope so.

  4. Emma wrote:

    The other exception is Arial Narrow. That’s exactly how I imagine anything in the Arial family – a redneck ripoff of the obviously classier Helvetica.