Hey everything/one in Shambot-land.

I have a request. I have this feeling, since you all are cooler/more tech-savvy than I, that you all have these “twitter” things. WHAT THE HELL WEIRD. But anyways, John and I are trying to break into the world as Dude and Chick (that would be our establishment of stationery sweetness–www.dudeandchick.com) and now we have twitter. And Tumblr. Please follow us so I can follow you and John and I can have friends that aren’t weird porn spammy friends.



Also, comment to let me know your usernames and I can follow you too!




Comments (8) left to “Hello? ARE YOU THERE?”

  1. Emma wrote:

    First it was the cell phone, then it was facebook, NOW TWITTER?! WHAT NEXT.

  2. Tim wrote:

    tmhau’s me!

  3. Ben wrote:

    I’m bthompson! Surprise!

  4. Peter Thomsen wrote:

    Twitter is a great website to keep in touch with your friends and love ones even you are far from each other, imagine how this good technology works for us nowadays..

    See you there!!!

  5. Katie Wilson wrote:

    I KNOW. I am totally a techno-age whore. Just late to the game.

  6. Allison wrote:

    im allisonvallant although I dont really tweet right now, I hope someday!

    go figure!

  7. Ben wrote:

    That… was not my dad? But someone with a very similar name. Awkward.

  8. Tim wrote:

    Awesome! And TERRIFYING.