In Iowa…

Let’s ignore the obvious here and pretend that this isn’t 4 months since the last post.

DOODLES. I bought a cheap scanner for scanning at home. It really sucks. Surprise! I was crabby on 1/2/10 apparently. Luckily, all three of my needs were fulfilled. Later I drew all of Ben’s parents’ pets. Sitka, Loki, Rose, Angus, Nell and Tess. Dog, Dog, cat, cat, kitten, kitten. ANIMALS!

Comments (5) left to “In Iowa…”

  1. Chance wrote:

    First- Locoweed service is recaptcha. wtf.

    Second- So many parts of this post are hilarious. So many.

    Third- (and I tweeted this, so it’s real) We’re bringing Shambot back.

  2. Joel wrote:

    The doggies are adorable. Also you are adorable with your simple joys.

  3. Alex wrote:

    My scanner sucks too. I think it oversaturates blues? It doesn’t seem to have any calibration functionality either.

  4. Emma wrote:


    also bill, bacon cheeseburgers make me SO happy.

  5. Allison wrote:

    my recaptcha says “solomons campaign.”