Jim Carey?

some of you may have seen this totally redonk picture of my parents and myself. Well, get prepared for MORE pictures of my parents after the break!

If you have never seen it, My Parents Were Awesome is this amazing collection of sweet parent pictures (generally pre-parental phase) sent in by the children they reared. Some of them are silly, some of them are downright sassy! The discovery of this sweet site, combined with an amazing picture I found of my Uncle last year encouraged me to find some awesome images of my own.


Let me introduce my parents. Jim is on the left with his unrelated prom date. That is one massive corsage. Carey is on the right, raising the roof.

Um, I know you think your dad was the badass Katie, but it was actually my mom. Carey knows how to do the “yeah, I’m awesome” smile. On the right is a sweet photo she took of a tropical hotel room! exciting.

I wish so dearly my mom had held onto this sweet t-shirt, because I love it.

Carey and Jim on yet another tropical vacation. LOOKIN GOOD, GUYS!

and, finally:

tiny Jim. SO TINY!

Comments (3) left to “Jim Carey?”

  1. Tim wrote:

    Wow. Emma, your similarities to your mom are UNCANNY. Color me impressed.

  2. Joel wrote:

    I think what Tim is trying to say is that your mom is a babe!

    Your dad has a wicked beard too!

  3. Emma wrote: