Engadget Filming!

You know the site Engadget? Once a month they do a hourish long show with tech updates and product demos and stuff like that but SURPRISE they film it in New York. So Lindsey and I trotted over to pick up some free tickets and stood in line with all the other nerds and geeks excited to see bloggers in person.

It was fun! It was the first time I had ever been to a filming of a show, even if the show it’s on TV. There was this one part where they demoed this really cool helicopter that had four propellers and was controlled with an iPhone. [edit: apparently it’s called the AR.Drone] I took a video look!

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  1. Steven wrote:

    That’s awesome you made it there!
    Someday I hope we can all get our hands on one of those helicopters and play in a large field. It looks… pretty cool.