omg chance

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there Shambot. I was just thinking about my friend Chance. Oh, you don’t know him? He’s okay I guess. Although… come closer, I don’t want anyone to hear us… I think he has a problem. An internet problem. See, every time I talk to him on the internet and have to step away to, say, take the kettle off the stove or answer the telephone and THIS happens:

11:04:31 AM Chance: hello
11:07:41 AM Chance: emma
11:07:42 AM Chance: emma
11:07:43 AM Chance: emma
11:07:44 AM Chance: emma
11:07:44 AM Chance: emma
11:07:45 AM Chance: emma
11:07:46 AM Chance: emma
11:07:47 AM Chance: emma
11:07:50 AM Chance: e m m a
11:07:53 AM Chance: meamemaemmaemmea
11:07:54 AM Chance: mameammea
11:07:54 AM Chance: eame
11:07:55 AM Chance: ame
11:07:55 AM Chance: ma
11:07:55 AM Chance: mem
11:07:56 AM Chance: aema
11:07:59 AM Chance: ema
11:08:02 AM Chance: emame
11:08:04 AM Chance: amea
11:08:07 AM Chance: meaema
11:08:09 AM Chance: ema
11:08:12 AM Chance: ema
11:08:15 AM Chance: eame
11:08:17 AM Chance: amaem
11:08:20 AM Chance: a
11:12:02 AM Emma: oh
11:12:16 AM Chance: o hai
11:12:18 AM Emma: it’s you
11:12:23 AM Chance: me
11:12:27 AM Chance: me me me me

And, well, you get the picture. To tell you the truth, Shamby, I think he needs help. REAL HELP. So I’ve started a little log of all the times this happens in order to show the doctors. Please help, won’t you? If you see a case of this terrible affliction, send it to me. This way we can help our friend in his time of need. Joel’s already done his part. Won’t you?

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  1. Tim wrote:

    Holy God, y’all. This has brightened my “Trial Brief Final Draft Is Due Tomorrow” day. Cheers, and we’ll see you this weekend!


  2. Joel wrote:

    Love. That. Site. And I’m proud to be a part of it!

    Chance, that site is a testament to how much we love you and your hilarious antics.

  3. Emma wrote:


  4. Alex wrote:

    This post goes into my ‘Favorite Things’.