mooooomie moomie moo!

Do you know about moomie? She is a sort of alter ego/mini me that I created for funsies. She always wears her hood up, loves her silly sock boot slippers, and has a cat named Schmoomie. A lot of situations involving moomie come from real life, like the following….

(yes, i once whispered this question to bryan right before we were going to fall asleep. no i don’t know why i whispered it.)

So whenever you hear me say something that doesn’t quite make sense, or when I run around real fast making silly sounds with my hood up, or when I get a little tippy and give a speech that doesn’t really make any sense at space themed parties just know that it’s really moomie you’re listening to.


Comments (2) left to “mooooomie moomie moo!”

  1. Allison wrote:

    was is GOOOODD?!?!?! Wiggly! Love moomie!!!! omg

  2. Alex wrote:

    Good ‘ol telling-it-like-it-is Moomie. When do we meet Schmoomie?

    FYI, my alter ego can be found on xkcd. We computer nerds have sort of a hive-mind thing going on.