I wish the WHOLE OTHER ROLL of film I took on this day would have turned out. The lighting was really beautiful, and everyone looked really beautiful… Dang!

Oh well, Chane and Ben (and Emma) can revel in these pictures because they look like rock stars!!!

ps. I have been shooting a lot of film lately. Hopefully I will keep up with adding them to flickr.

Comments (5) left to “EPIC CHANCE EPIC BEN”

  1. Joel wrote:

    What a buncha damned hippies. (looks like fun!)

  2. Emma wrote:

    dang. them’s flattering photographs! I actually really like that one of me… not to toot my own horn or anything.

  3. Emma wrote:

    (p.s. tots using it for my facebook profile pic!)

  4. Allison wrote:

    Toot away, lady! Making it your facebook pic is the highest form of flattery!! I’m just glad it turned out.
    (PS my ReCaptcha is “unofficial katherine”, just like in the picture WIERDDD)

  5. Ben wrote:

    Awesome! One of those can be the CD cover for our Communist Daughter Bluegrass cover-band: Fortunate Son. If only I was holding my banjo…

    Shoot more film, please!